Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Today’s Turning Point on ECM

I have been warning that this turning point is not in markets, it is centered in government. The number of issues coming to a head are just mind-blowing from the Catalonia vote to separate from Spain to the resignation of Boehner with non-politicians leading not just in the USA, but everywhere. The elections in Greece was most likely the last vote for any political establishment since the Greeks do not expect any promise to be kept.
Yet today just may mark a very strange event that might be extremely important. Today, Russia gave the US 1 hour notice and began bombing both ISIS and rebels seeking to overthrow the Syrian government. It is extremely curious that this beginning precisely on the day of the ECM. Will this prove to be the start of international war?
Lagarde-Christine-imfMeanwhile, Christine Lagarde of the IMF came out to state today also on the turning point of the ECM that the rate of economic growth this year will probably be weaker than in 2014. I had a meeting in Europe with a former board member of the IMF and we had some very frank discussions. To put it mildly, they are indeed worried. The inflation rate for Euroland just turned NEGATIVE again.
So while cash is now KING, stocks remain vulnerable and commodities have no bid sufficient to change the trend, it appears we are headed into the wonderland of our political-economy.

John Pilger on the Revolutionary Act of Telling the Truth

John Pilger on the Revolutionary Act of Telling the Truth
Pilger announces the publication of The WikiLeaks Files: the World According to the US Empire

State Makes It Legal To Shoot Cops In Self-Defense If They Violate Your Rights

Is it ever legal to shoot cops? A growing number of states are passing laws that say that yes, in fact, sometimes it is well within a citizen’s rights to shoot a police officer.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Chris Hedges: State Terror Against People of Color

 The police murder of poor people of color—occurring at a rate of roughly two a day across the country—is not only about the indiscriminate use of lethal force. It is also about maintaining an ongoing climate of terror in marginal communities. It is about making it impossible for the poor, cast aside by corporate capitalists as surplus labor, to organize and build meaningful lives and to resist. It is terror by design.

Paul Craig Roberts: Obama Deifies American Hegemony

When Insulting the Police is a "Crime"


World Economic Conference

This Year’s Conference will review all important countries and their markets. We will look at the globe and in so doing, we will be in a position to see how capital is moving and what they future will bring. By reviewing the world, we get to see the global trend and therein lies the way to approach the future. Not everyone will trade every market. That is not the point. What emerges is the trend and for you to survive, you must have the confidence that you understand the trend and can see it moving before your eyes. You cannot invest in one market confidently without understanding the trend.
The number one reason people lose money and forecasts are wrong, has been whenever they are made in isolation. The entire argument by the gold promoters has been that the big forces are manipulating gold and THAT IS WHY THEY have been wrong. They only try to forecast gold and silver alone and cannot see that the entire commodity sector was declining and that deflation was engulfing everything. They have been dead wrong because they do not understand how the world economy even functions. There is a time to BUY and a time to SELL in all markets. Only a fool stands there and expects only higher prices without end.
To survive the future, you MUST understand the trend. Our World Economic Conferences are mini financial UN type meetings. You get to meet people from around the world and you can see as well as feel how the world economy is moving there among the attendees. These events are inspiring for knowledge comes from exposure. This is not some promotional event where you will be asked to invest in one thing or another, This is about seeing, feeling, and attaining the ability to understand the global economy. We are all connected and as we see the world unfold before our eyes, you will then understnd how to survive.
We will answer the most pressing question of all:
We do we put our money for the next two years
This conference will address the global strategy, not just the buy and sell for short-term traders. This is the real market and how are we going to deal with this event that comes around only every 300 years or so.
We will be providing papers in advance after October 1st to enable you to prepare for this event. We will have an early introductory session for new attendees and there will be numerous people there who have been attending these sessions since 1985. Everyone chips in and this become a total learning experience with everyone contributing.

Stock Markets Crashing Into the 2015.75

NIKICH-W 9-29-2015 NIKFOR-W 9-29-2015
The fact that the stock markets are crashing into the 2015.75 turning point, rather than making a major high, indicates what we should expect to unfold in the future. In 1987, the low was on the day of the ECM, as was the case in 1994, whereas 1998.55 was the high in the Dow that day. So a low suggests higher highs, whereas a high at this point in time will mean a profound longer-term correction.
So far, so good. We may shake the tree and send money running into the waiting arms of government — so look out for the aftermath.


The Peak in Government? A Low in Interest Rates?

FEDFUN-M 9-28-2015
We have warned that capital is in a flight to quality, therefore creating the bubble in government paper. We also warned that the bond market on the long-term peaked in April/May and that we should expect a further rally in the short-end. This significant move has unfolded right before our eyes. The fact that the bonds have peaked in advance, yet we have the short-end rising into this period, reflects the stark reality that capital does not trust government long-term.
The Fed has been warning that they must raise rates to reestablish “normalcy” to the yield curve. No one in their right mind should be buying long-term paper at these rates. The capital has been heading into an even shorter investment cycle, and this presents a highly dangerous potential on the horizon.
FEDFOR-M 9-28-2015
What is the concern? With capital consolidating into short maturities, this means that any change in rates will have a far more immediate impact upon the sovereign debts of all nations. The typical dollar bears say, “Oh, well China sold a huge amount of bonds!” and they twist this into somehow being bearish for the dollar. China is following the trend: sell long-term and move short-term.
We can see that volatility beginning to rise from October moving forward. We are looking at a panic cycle that appears in the U.S. Fed funds by February, followed by another next August.
This is confirming the change in trend that we see with 2015.75. It is not a monumental crash in stocks, nor is it the end of the world with the blood moon. This is the peak in government. As time begins to move forward, you will look back at this turning point as rather significant. It may be more than an announcement that there is water on Mars. We have had so many things happen this week, right down to a meeting between Obama and Putin at the United Nations.
So grab a drink. You might need one as we start to move forward away from the change in trend — 2015.75.

Democracy Is More Than A Right to Vote

The first thing government and the majority of academics try to hide is the business cycle for they argue only their policies will eliminate something that is part of nature. We must understand that the origin of all business cycles is humanity. I named one report which has become pretty famous “It’s Just Time” in honor of my friend Margaret Thatcher. When we were talking about politics, she said John Major would lose long before we knew for sure even whom his opponent would be. When I asked her why, Margaret, who instinctively understood cycles, said, “It’s just time.”
Margaret and I became friends. I visited her office in London frequently and she even invited me to her home for her annual Christmas party. She instinctively knew that public attitudes change, and with them, the political winds from among the people. She addressed our conference and stated publicly that politics looks at things in terms of trends, but perhaps they should look at the world in terms of cycles.
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Somehow, someway, robbing other people has become the justified political agenda. There can be no equal justice or freedom of thought, religion, or anything as long as we discriminate against others for race, creed, sexual orientation, beliefs, or possessions. One of the Ten Commandments even states that you should not covet thy neighbor’s possessions and clearly condemns this agenda. Yet, forcibly taking what others earn is seen as fair. This is very strange; when an individual does that on their own, it becomes a crime. We let politicians discriminate and rob others of what they have, and somehow it is a badge of honor.
The democratic rise in Athens during the ancient world was rather distinct and far more important than people assume by just looking at the surface. Their so-called gods were not the same vision we have today as a single God who created the world. Their gods were not creators, but perhaps closer to superheroes or evil manipulators; extensions of human nature. These ancient Gods were depicted in human form, opposed to some wild looking creature. This reflects a concept that began in Greece: the idea that the individual mattered. Prior to Athens, governments were autocratic political systems who held the belief that humankind required a stiff hand to rule them or chaos would emerge. So the concept of democracy was truly revolutionary that the individual could provide for self-rule and that such freedom would not lead to chaos.
Socialism has devolved back into this assumption of the autocratic rule; that the individual is incapable of caring for their self and requires a strong autocratic ruler. We are heading into a political storm; this degradation of the individual has once again resurfaced as it always does.
While the resurrection of authoritative government whereby the real underlying principle is that we are incapable of self-rule, also emerged during the period of the Age of Enlightenment. This hybrid theory became a way to blend authoritative rule with somehow individual rights. This became known as the social contract. In moral and political philosophy, this concept of a social contract (political contract) addressed attempted to established the origin of society with social rights merged with the legitimacy of the authority of the state over the individual.
Leviathan was a book written by Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679) and originally published in 1651 during the English Civil War (1642–1651). The Leviathan argues for a social contract expressing that the people need the king with an absolute sovereign rule. Hobbes explained that civil war could only be avoided by strong undivided government. Of course, this same theory has been behind the idea of a one world government that was used to force upon the European people Brussels, which once again is proving to be the destruction of any democratic process since not one member of the Trioka stands for any election whatsoever. The Social Contract (Du contrat social ou Principes du droit politique) is also the short title of a 1762 book by Jean-Jacques Rousseau on this topic.
The problem with the social contract concept has been that it is never capable of restraining the desire for more and more power. Hence, the very idea of socialism become corrupted and unattainable. There appears to be no possible way society’s rights can be maintained with any position of an authoritative rule.
A true concept of democracy is when people are competent of self-rule. Humankind is not helpless and does not need to devolve into chaos that requires a dictatorial style government for their own good. True democracy is without career politicians and is based on human cooperation. A Republic, which contains career politicians, always devolves into an oligarchy and ultimately dictatorial authoritarian rule while pretending to support the moral philosophy of the social contract. The former emerges from the cooperation of humankind (Invisible Hand) while the latter is based upon punishment. The first inspires freedom while the second suppresses human nature.
It appears that only a Direct Democracy will stand any chance of breaking this cycle between society and authoritative rule. What self-corrupts is always a Republic where we elected pretend representatives. They only become career politicians. In the USA, we recognized the danger with FDR and then made it that no one could be president for more than two terms. The same should have applied to Congress.
We need annual citizen panels to oversee the bureaucrats and that nothing can be enacted without first testing to see if it is constitutional. We should adopt Ben Franklin’s proposal for judges, that they ONLY be nominated by the legal profession and never by politicians. The terms should never be for life and the minimum age should be 50 with the maximum 65 so that they have life experience. No single judge should ever rule in any case, but there should be rotating panels of three judges with one being appointed for just one case and return to private practice. Anyone with any connection to the case MUST recuse himself or suffer life imprisonment.
The citizen panels must be with people who are qualified in each field. In finance, only someone with experience would sit on a panel for one year and never again serve. This would be akin to serving in the army for your country.
No legislation should ever be allowed to be merged. Each must be voted upon by the people directly and each must stand alone. The entire Social Security Act was 16 pages. Obamacare stood 7 feet tall 33000 pages and we still do not know everything lurking in there. This is the essence of corruption. Nobody can argue this was good legislation unless they read the entire thing, which nobody has.
So what political system might work at least for a while until its crumbles into corruption? It appears the last thing we can try is Direct Democracy and trust the people for once. It’s an old idea that may need to be reexamined.


Live from Athens

Athens-ROman Temple
I am in Athens for a live broadcast of “The Forecaster” on September 29. People around the world in 13 different countries will be able to see this event. Athens is the appropriate place to hold this broadcast since it is where real democracy was born; this is also where the Sovereign Debt Crisis first made its appearance. We have nothing to do with the sale of tickets nor do we receive any portion of the revenue from this event.

The ECM Turning Point — 2015.75 — the Start of a Trend Is Now

In Barcelona, many people asked if I thought the pro-independence parties in Spain’s Catalonia region would actually win. I told them it was inevitable as this is the global trend in motion. The vote for Catalonia is in and the separatists have won an absolute majority in regional elections. The separatist alliance and a smaller party won 72 seats in the 135-seat regional parliament. They proclaim that this victory will allow them to declare independence from Spain within 18 months.
The Spanish central government in Madrid has pledged to block any unilateral independence moves in court. Why? Politicians are no different from kings, dictators, or emperors. This is not about what the people want; it is all about maintaining power.
This vote is the BEGINNING of the separatist movement around the world. Centralized government is dying. Society has always swung back and forth between centralized government and regional government. Once a centralized government grabs power it always expands until it consumes all power.
This is why I say that TAXES ARE NO LONGER NECESSARY. Money is no longer a commodity and the value of any currency depends entirely upon faith. Even gold has no value unless you believe someone else will accept it from you at some mutually agreed value. Money cannot be a store of value because it requires ending the business cycle and life itself.
Why do we pay federal taxes? What is it really providing for the people? Taxes are necessary locally where governments cannot create money. The money created by government is not tied to anything tangible besides the collective capacity of the nation (GDP). Then, there is no need to tax nor borrow constantly with no intention of paying anything back. Interest rates are near zero and governments need rates at virtually zero or the cost of government will explode. As always, it is government against the people.
Retirees cannot live off of their savings and pensions are going broke all because government stupidly assumes it can raise or lower interest rates to steer the economy when they themselves are the biggest debtor upon which their own tools have no influence on fiscal responsibility. We live in a world that has totally gone mad and nobody will sit down to look at how this structure is functioning.
The separatist movement is the breaking up of federal governments and the return of power back to regional governments. This movement is fueled by taxes, the diminishing trend in employment, and a lower standard of living.
The Catalonia vote comes right on target with the Economic Confidence Model. This turning point is PROFOUND, for it is not the crash in stock markets, commodities, or the private sector. This is the BEGINNING of the trend, which will see the fall of governments and the rise in demands for political change EVERYWHERE.
November 21, 2018 will be the major target moving forward for political chaos. On the last two important wave formations — 1998.55 and 2007.15 — this pi turning point produced, to the day, the 9/11 attack and the day Greece asked for IMF help which started the sovereign debt crisis. So 2015.75 is the BEGINNING of a new trend that will be very profound for our political future.
ECM Greece

Ruling the World

Let’s assume a minute that all countries around the World (all Central Banks together) sit with you and say:
Mr Martin, fine, you are absolutely right in your forecasts and now we are listening to you.
What should we do to solve all our problems like debts, socialism, trades, etc and have a prosperous growth in the World?
Now my question Sir:
Is it possible to find a way to resolve those problems (with you)  or are we stack in an inevitable cycle in the World, which last already for centuries and will continue for ever?
ANSWER: What you suggest would be reasonable. However, he who has the power rules the world. The solution is to listen to the free markets, which are driven by humanity and our actions. To create a real solution (until we corrupt everything again) necessitates government admitting they cannot control the world; this would mean they must relinquish power. I personally do not see that ever happening for the same reasons why Marxism failed. He took all the wealth from whom he considered greedy individuals and handed it greedy politicians. Humanity is humanity; it cannot be altered. There will always be drug addiction, prostitution, corruption, and politicians, just as there will always be a cycle.
You can bet all governments read us, just as the NSA grabs every email, phone call, and SMS. They even saw the French TV interview that played “The Forecaster”, and then questioned Mr. Sapin, the Head of Finance in France. So there is no question that they are all aware of our model. Even Margaret Thatcher spoke at our conference, which was in itself an endorsement of our models. The central bank of China admitted that they too are using capital flow models, which we invented.
Nevertheless, what you are suggesting is that those in power actually care about society rather than themselves. I do not believe they are ready for reform. There has to be blood flowing in the streets before we reach that end.
I am here in Athens where people are fed up with politicians. However, the pain has not yet reached a sufficient level to lead to real political change just yet. Alexis Tsipras won in Greece, but the Greek people did not vote for him under the assumption that he would do what he said this time. They voted for him because every other politicians is seen as corrupt and has been involved in one scandal or another. He won for the same reason Donald Trump rose sharply; Tsipras was not the established politician.
If all governments were to actually listen and put the people before their personal greed and power, yes, we would resolve the debt crisis that will tear down society because this time it is different. When the economy crashes, such as during the Great Depression, there is no pension system guaranteed by the government. As a result, government can stand up and claim that they will get the rich bastards who caused it. Today, government has gone to extremes and the people have planned their futures upon government promises. So this time, the outrage will be much greater because everyone is affected, not just select groups.
The object of this exercise is to survive individually. Government will crash and burn; it is hopeless to expect that these people will ever do anything to help society. It is always all about them. This is just a fact of history and we should not expect anything magnanimous from them. Politicians will not lay down power willingly. Instead, they cling to their only dream of ruling the world.

Lack Of Liquidity!

 Two huge pieces of news hit Monday like a one-two punch!  First; UBS Is About To Blow The Cover On A Massive Gold-Rigging Scandal followed by; Saudi Arabia withdraws overseas funds Gold and Oil both affect the dollar, and this is happening while global liquidity is drying up. The soon to be catch phrase for October will be “lack of liquidity”! 

 The lack of liquidity will create vacuums beneath asset prices, stocks, bonds, commodities and will culminate in a currency/credit crunch. This is very easy to see and anticipate if you are willing to see it. The “light switch” moment is near. Should we see a day where the Dow loses 700-1,000 points followed by another disaster day …it will be game over. Should the PPT lose credibility, neither the Fed “put” nor PPT “put” will be in place and it will be every man for himself. We are very close to the moment in time where the only solution to halt the selling will be to “pull the plug”!

Obama’s Self-Deceit

 President Obama, who has boasted of ordering military strikes on seven countries, chastised Russia and China for not abiding by the rules of international behavior, a breathtaking example of hypocrisy or self-deceit

Monday, September 28, 2015

Papal Blessing for Washington’s Global Terrorism

 Roman Catholic Pope Francis was hailed for his courage in challenging the United States Congress on a range of «leftwing» issues. The pontiff can take some credit for raising issues of social justice, reducing poverty and homelessness, averting deleterious environmental impacts, and calling for more humane immigration policies. But there was a flagrant omission in his address to the American lawmakers, as there was in his earlier audience with President Barack Obama. Where was his forthright condemnation of Washington’s rampant war-making and sponsorship of global terrorism?

Speaking Lies to Power

  The Pope gave a speech to a joint session of the US congress.  It is worth examining the lies of commission and the lies of omission.

‘Minority Report’ Is 40 Years Ahead of Schedule: The Fictional World Has Become Reality

Sunday, September 27, 2015


North Atlantic Record Cold Blob Emerges

The fascinating aspect of environment is this unprecedented bias that somehow humankind has altered the planet climate. Why these scientists do not try to see if such a trend is natural and extends back before 1900 is just mind-numbing. Some scientists are now sounding the alarm bells that a record-setting area of cold water which has been discovered in the North Atlantic. This record cold spot was recently discovered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) data, which is indeed in line with our models warning that we are in for not global warming, but a deep freeze.
The energy output of the sun is in crash mode and historically this 300 year cycle has marked the rise and fall of empires. With all the invasion of people from the Middle East into Europe, there is no housing. They have filled up stadiums and most have tents. The winter will be very cold and many may even die from exposure. Migration patterns should be south, not north. This is a serious problem from a historical perspective. It is also why we are moving our offices south. If not, the computer may leave on its own.
This trend will have a very dramatic consequence with regard tio weather both for Europe and North America. When the water turns cold, so does the climate. The Washington Post reporter Chris Mooney reported the thesis on Thursday from many scientists, pointing out a cold blob in the ocean south of Greenland and Iceland. This has confused many for while people are still looking at global warming, the North Atlantic cold spot is lesser known. It is seen below in the dark hue denoting “record coldest” temperatures.
309 ClimateIf we just take 2015.75 and move back in time in 309.6 year intervals, we come not only to the periods when the climate turned very cold, we also come to the periods of the political changes in government. The 1700s market the start of the uprising against monarchy. The 1396 period market the beginning of capitalism with the Black Death killing about 50% of the European population. The year 777 was the start of Saxon invasions and Charlemagne beginning to consolidate Europe once again forming nation states. The previous cycle was the fall of Rome. These changes in climate have coincided with political changes. The climate shift to very cold places tremendous stress upon the people and starvation begins to rise.
Unfortunately, this is not caused by man driving his cars to work. We are dealing with a very serious change in climate that is entirely natural. No amount of regulation or raising taxes, which academics and government will argue for, will reverse this trend for we did not create it. This is simply the result of a thermodynamic system we call the sun.

Blood Moon Monday September 28th

The Blood Moon is a total lunar eclipse which ends up with a copper-red color. This event will be special since it is the fourth in a series of the rare events with an 18-month period which began last April. The September 28 “Supermoon” eclipse will last some 72 minutes, reaching totality at 03:47 (BST). This is 2 days before the turn in the Economic Confidence Model. Why it correlated to this 5000 year low in interest rates and the bubble in government confidence who knows. But it indeed lines up. Just another very interesting aspect for this particular turn 2015.75.

Debt Debt & more Debt 2015.75


The 1985 World Economic Conference
Back in 1985 we warned that the sovereign debt crisis would emerge and start to really surface for 2015.75. Why this date was forecast so far back? This is Pi – 31.4 years into this Private Wave which began 1985.65.
At the 1998 World Economic Conference, we put out this slide with the sequence of events. One question people often ask is how on earth can we make long-term forecasts like this. Such forecasts are only possible with a vast data base. Without that, you cannot even begin. So for all those who are trying to copy our forecasts the real question is – how did they do this without data?
Volcker-TimeThe revelation in forecasting is opposite of what most people assume. They think it is impossible to forecast the long-term and assume the short-term can be done by monitoring fundamental events. The truth is quite shocking. Forecasting the long-term tends to be much easier than forecasting where the Dow will close tomorrow. Why? The short-term is just noise, yet it gets everyone wound up. Every $20 rally in gold brings out the charlatans claiming this time it is it. In reality, the trend cannot be manipulated nor changed even by government for the collective forces of the free market will always win. Even Paul Volcker, former Chairman of the Fed put out his “Rediscovery of the Business Cycle” stating this simple fact – the era of “new economics” (Marxist-Keynesianism) which claimed government could eliminate recessions and the business cycle failed.
Then there was Arthur Burns, the Fed Chairman who presided over the birth of the floating exchange rate monetary system in 1971. He too wrote that the business cycle was really INVICTUS (invincible). Yet despite all the behind the curtain admitting that the Free Market always wins, the press, academics in general, and government constantly tell you there is no cycle and you cannot forecast the future so do not listen. Then they immediately forecast strong economic growth the following year.
So the real question should be; Why does the establishment (government, academics & press) tell you it is impossible when this is not the case? Even Volcker stated the business cycle was about 8 years. The plain and simple truth is they do not want you to think there is a business cycle for then why do we need them? All they attempt to do is manipulate the people to defeat the business cycle, which NOBODY HAS EVER ACCOMPLISHED EVEN ONCE LONG-TERM.

Well, 2015.75 is next week. Long-term forecasts are far more accurate than short-term because you cannot defeat the trend no matter what you do. It’s Just Time.  You cannot make up such forecasts with personal opinion no matter how so many are trying mimic us with nothing but opinion. It takes a database and you will only see the trend by correlating everything that moves. One Asian government understands this perhaps best than the West and offered $500 million for a copy of what we have.
When we say we have the largest database, it is no joke. Debt has always been the great destroyer. It has toppled every empire known to history. We have compiled debt along with currency movements back into ancient times as well as catalogued ancient financial panics as was the case in Athens back in 354BC. Above is a chart of the Venetian Empire based upon the gold Ducat and it lasted also hundreds of years. Gold did not prevent its demise either.
We have tracked debt and interest rates from the core to the peripheral economies to understand capital concentration. When capital concentrates, interest rates decline in that region. This demonstrates how the financial capital of the world even migrates with time.
Denarius-Annual Production
We have used the coinage to determine money supply. Since coin dies were hand-carved, each is unique. Taking someone with modern dies and having them strike coins with a hammer to see how many coins can be produced before a die will break gives us an average. Then cataloging all the known dies results in the money supply.
We have mapped everything from the birth of coinage during the 7th century BC on through Greece, Rome, and Byzantium. With the fall of Byzantium, the financial capital shifted to India as a region. India was not a unified country, but city states that also engaged in conquest and warfare. Just how do these people pretending to be forecasting a great crash arrive at such an “opinion” without a database? They do not understand what we are forecasting and are incapable of projecting even the turning points from a gut opinion perspective.
We have assembled “imitation” Roman coinage from the outer trading partners. We can see Roman coins were being imitated in India even back into the earliest part of the Imperial era. Yet the history of Rome that claimed to rule the world (orbis terrarum) stood at the opposite end of the world from the strikingly similar Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) in China, which also claimed to have ruled the world (tianxia). There is the History Book for Tang-Dynasty in China covering the period 618-907AD. Yet the text mentions 17 times what appears to be the Roman Empire . It also describes an envoy that was sent by the Roman Emperor to China. The Roman Emperor was recorded to have been “Anton”  or Marcus Aureius Antoninus. The account of such an envoy who visited the older Han Dynasty predates the Venetian traveler Marco Polo (1254-1325) by more than 1,000 years. We have assembled trade flows – everything we could lay our hands on has been collected.
So as we approach 2015.75, you can see this trend changing. This is a 5000 year low in interest rates showing the excessive hoarding and concentration of capital in the West. We can also see the debt crisis is unfolding, not just with Greece, but now we are seeing downgrades of France and Japan last week. The trend is so obvious and concentrated in our debt problems as emerging markets have issued since 2007 dollar denominated debt about half that of the entire debt of the United States. We are seeing economic chaos unfold in Brazil and Venezuela. The insane construction of the euro has undermined the entire European banking system and the solution of the ECB, hide the truth.
We have the US debt ceiling coming up the very day of the turning point in the USA and this time religion is involved. This has led in part to the resignation of Boehner for he has deliberately funded efforts to defeat anyone within the Republican Party who stood for fiscal conservatism. Then we have Trump rising in the poles because he is not beholding to anyone else.
As 2015.75 emerges, we will move into the Pi target from the start of the Economic Confidence Model 1985.65. This will bring us to January 2017 (2017.05). This is also the target on the Cycle of War. The correlation between our models for 2017 will be the topic for the World Economic Conferences in Princeton & Berlin. We will have two years ahead of us and 2015.75 is just the BEGINNING – NOT THE END WITH SOME ONE TIME CRASH EVENT. This is a major change in trend of monumental proportion.

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS Interviewed By Shadow of Truth Part Two
PCR Interviewed By Shadow of Truth
Part Two

The Final Flush Is At Hand!

 Outright financial collapse, chaos and most probably war is not only in sight, it is imminent and unavoidable now.

Papal Blessing for Washington’s Global Terrorism

 Roman Catholic Pope Francis was hailed for his courage in challenging the United States Congress on a range of «leftwing» issues. The pontiff can take some credit for raising issues of social justice, reducing poverty and homelessness, averting deleterious environmental impacts, and calling for more humane immigration policies. But there was a flagrant omission in his address to the American lawmakers, as there was in his earlier audience with President Barack Obama. Where was his forthright condemnation of Washington’s rampant war-making and sponsorship of global terrorism?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

How the World Views US ‘Clown Show’

Some Americans may be amused by the “clown show” that is modern U.S. politics, particularly the Republican presidential race. But the crude insults and gross bigotry are seen around the world, reducing the appeal of democracy and turning more people against the U.S., notes ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.

For A Majority Of Americans, US Government Has Lost Legitimacy

For A Majority Of Americans, US Government Has Lost Legitimacy
Noam Chomsky (33:30 point on the video) tells us that in the November 2014 Congressional elections, US voter participation was at the level of 1830 when only white male property owners had the vote.
A September 25 Gallup Poll tells us why:
These are hopeful signs. They mean that the American people are beginning to see through the propaganda that confines them within The Matrix. A majority now understands that the US government represents a small oligarchy and not the citizens of the United States. Change requires awareness and knowledge of reality, and this awareness is now forming.

The UN Unveils Plan Pushing For Worldwide Internet Censorship

"... the United Nations proposes both that social networks proactively police every profile and post, and that government agencies only “license” those who agree to do so."

Friday, September 25, 2015


Volkswagen Scandal May Mark the German Economic Decline into 2015.75

Winterkorn Martin
After it was revealed that Volkswagen manipulated emission test numbers using a device to sell products in the USA, Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn resigned, although claiming he did not know. This comes at the exact wrong moment — 2015.75. Volkswagen is the biggest car manufacturer in Germany. It is also one of the country’s largest employers, with more than 270,000 jobs directly supplied through Volkswagen, not counting suppliers.
This event appears to highlight the turning point of 2015.75; in hindsight, we will probably look back at this turning point as the start of a serious economic decline that will strike Europe’s biggest economy. The German car industry is the largest and what is unraveling is a taint upon all German cars, which is unfair. This involved diesel only. Nonetheless, things are never always fair.

Secession in the Winds Texas & Catalonia

Our Cycle of War used as the seed the Wheeler Index. However, there were some major problems with key events that were overlooked. So we corrected the data and then extended it for the period following his death. We then created a parallel index correlated to economics. The next result was a series of cycles appeared and a correlation with the economy emerged very clearly interfaced with debt. The fundamental principle to emerge from that work was the fact that we could both distinguish between domestic civil unrest which begins and at times moves into revolution, and international events. There are interesting political responses which often determine the outcome.
On the international level, war emerges from two separate trends. First there is the more traditional trend where the economy turns down which results in government needing too find an external enemy or there will be civil unrest that overthrows the government. This version is intertwined with the Civil Unrest Model and is often the escape value for government to retain power. Here the domestic unrest model can be transformed into an international conflict if politics is desperate to save itself and sees that way out.
The second trend stands in contrast to the first in what we identified as the Conquest Model whereby governments seek to expand their territory for money and power detached from economic pressure caused by a decline. This can be seen as Alexander the Great, Rome, Charlemagne and Japan, etc. The subdivision of the international conflict level we call the retribution model whereby there is a preceding economic crisis. This subdivision is illustrated by Napoleon and Hitler. These were trends that were also an admixture between domestic economic problems that leads to war as in the case of Napoleon and Hitler as distinguished from a pure power expansion.
Creating a database that could distinguish all these moving parts was key to creating our model for the Cycle of War ™ which others have tried to mimic without the database assuming all we did was use the Wheeler Index. The cycle frequency we discovered is not discoverable from using just the Wheeler Index.
Europe-Separatist Movement
Here is what we see for Europe. There are many rising trends toward separatist movements. This will rise further and we will see this begin to emerge as a far more common trend over the next two years. This weekend, we have the Catalan Vote which cannot be suppressed and it should trigger unilateral steps towards region’s secession from Spain. Keep in mind that Spain was formed with the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella. Catalan independence seeks to reverse that merger and this is being driven by the insanity of Spain trying to stay inside the Euro forcing austerity and rising taxation upon the people in the midst of wholesale corruption.
Now in Texas, we have seen a consistent separatist movement for years. Now a nationalist group wants Texas Secession on the Primary Ballot. Even the resistance to Gay Marriage is a key to rising separatist movements within the USA and the Tea Party is also a reflection of the clash in philosophy where one nation for all shoving down the throats of everyone a central policy is starting to irritate people and when the economy turns down, this will flare up even more.
We see this trend rising in Canada with Quebec and we will see this trend emerge where Staten Island will seek to separate from New York City.
Welcome to the other side of 2015.75

The Back Story Behind John Boehner’s Forced Resignation

 This Is Why Speaker John Boehner Resigned


Boehner Resigns After Meeting Pope

Our sources were spot on. John Boehner resigned, but only after meeting the Pope. This was the deal cut behind the curtain: Boehner would resign rather than face a revolution against his tactics. Boehner demanded his way or the highway and eliminated any Republican who supported the Tea Party or Ron Paul. I explained that he had been ruthless, vindictive, and dictatorial. His resignation demonstrates the shift that is taking place with this turning point on the Economic Confidence Model. Chalk one up for the opposition and good riddance to a very nasty country club Republican who was intent on maintaining Washington in opposition of the people.

Paul Craig Roberts: No Brains In Washington

 Washington’s IQ follows the Fed’s interest rate — it is negative. Washington is a black hole into which all sanity is sucked out of government deliberations.

Russia Checks Western Lies on Syria


You have to hand it to Russia. In recent weeks, one move after another by Moscow over the Syrian crisis could be accompanied by the audible word “check”, leaving Washington and its minions grappling with disorientation about how to respond to the Russian moves.

At the heart of the West’s disorientation what is being exposed is its glaring criminal deceptions over Syria.

The PRE-PLANNED Financial and Economic 9/11 of 2008