Wednesday, January 3, 2018



Housing Begins to Crash – Australia – New Zealand – London

Property values are starting to crash hard in Sydney Australia, New Zealand, and London. Politicians are simply idiots. They all targeted foreigners buying property [...]
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Tugboats Need Rescue in NYC

This winter is very cold. It has even gone down to the 40s at night in Northern Florida. There is a mad rush to run out and buy coats down here. Meanwhile, in the [...]
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The 2017 Closing US$ – Gold – Dow

The Dow failed to OPEN above the 2017 Intraday high so we are not yet ready for prime time. This is still a 0ff-Broadway play, but we are getting closer. The dollar [...]
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Gold in 2018 – Are We Ready Now?

Private Blog – Gold in 2018 – Are We Ready [...]
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Solar Minimum The Fastest Decline in almost 10,000 Years

  QUESTION: Hi Marty ! Happy new year! Not written in a while, but wanted to ask a private question related to the forthcoming cold period. a) How long will it [...]
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Universal Basic Income – Insanity or Rational?

QUESTION: What is your opinion of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg idea of universal income? ANSWER: The idea of free money being touted by Elon Musk and Mark [...]
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Trump Impeachment – The Democratic Agenda for 2018

Now with the Trump Tax Reform set to really create jobs with the small business benefiting for the first time in more than 30 years (the Democrats call the [...]
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Market Talk- January 3, 2017

The Hang Seng and Shanghai were both off to an impressive start for the New Year. Recording gains of over 2% for the first two trading days, we saw the former touch [...]
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Bitcoin Still in Trouble

The rally in BitCoin was a perfect 13 weeks up from the last strategic low. It peaked with the Weekly Array the week of 12/18 which was both a Panic Cycle and a [...]
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Understanding Cycles & Dynamic Interconnectivity

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I really do not think the world respects your work. I read on your blog there was going to be a bad flu from Australia that would hit [...]
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Why Models Fail

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Did AIG use the Black-Scholes Model and that is what created the crisis again in 2007? WJ ANSWER: No. It’s my understanding that [...]
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Iran Political Clarification

COMMENT: Two things:   “He is remembered for publicly stating that Israel should be wiped off the face of the Earth.”   Although he is indeed [...]
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Private Blog – The Dow View in 2018

Private Blog – The Dow View in [...]
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