Thursday, June 29, 2017



European Refugee Crisis Was Created in an Undemocratic Manner

The very issue of the European Refugee Crisis highlights the entire problem with the European Union. There is no democratic union whatsoever. The issue of accepting [...]
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India Taxing Gold

India has been fighting the gold trade for the past few years. They have sought to highly restrict it to prevent the net capital outflow. They even attempted to [...]
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South Australia in Financial Trouble

COMMENT: Marty; Thank you for doing your conference in Hong Kong. It made it really convenient for all us from Downunder. You are probably aware that South [...]
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Euro Update

  Please note: While our blog is free to the general public, our Private Blog posts are not accessible on They [...]
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Market Talk- June 28, 2017

Following-on from the weak US session, Asia drifted in sympathy. The news from the US Senate, after their markets had closed, worried Asia as they responded to the [...]
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Chances Are you Are A Genius if you Read this Blog – It’s All in the Methodology

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I too watched Genius on the life of Einstein. It also left me with the same feeling that it was a parallel to your life right down to the [...]
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The Firm That Created the Dossier Refuses to Produce Docs to Congress

  The clandestine firm that created the false dossier on Trump is refusing to cooperate with Congress. They are refusing to turn over to congress information [...]
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The Frankfurt Special Seminar July 22nd, 2017

  The July 22nd, 2017 Frankfurt half-day seminar will be targeting Europe. The week before is a rather important turning point and if Theresa May cannot form a [...]
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Market Talk- June 27th. 2017

Although the Shanghai index continued its positive trend we did finally see only a minimal advance and then a small set-back for the Hang Seng. An earlier strong [...]
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