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Market Talk – September 30, 2016

The one thing that markets do not like is uncertainty and that is exactly what we have suffered from the past couple of days. Asia reacted to the Deutsche Bank news [...]
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What Happened to the End of the World & Dollar Today?

  COMMENT: Well Marty, I guess you are right and the lunatic fringe who said the world would end today and the dollar would crash all because the IMF would [...]
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Traitors To Their Country—-Persons of Interest

Traitors to Their Country: Persons of Interest
Senator Harry Reid (D) and Senator Mitch McConnell (R)

The photograph below speaks eloquently about there being no difference between the two parties—-they are both under the full control of the clique of foreign, dynastic banking families in the City of London.  And these two persons of interest very well may be on the same payroll—-subject of massive bribery and blackmail. Furthermore, it is the clique-controlled “mainstream media” that prevents the American people from discovering their treachery.  Citizens Investigations and Citizens Grand Juries will get to the bottom of this and public fury may call for the guilty to be deported, dispatched to a netherworld, and incarcerated in solitary confinement for life. 


The Great Recession That Began in 2008: A Fabricated Event

All of the financial destruction and economic downturns since 2007 have been meticulously engineered. Now there will be a replay of 2008/2009, except that the effects will be far more severe this time around because of the massive derivative exposure that many of the TBTF banks have since taken on.

There are many other factors which will make 2008 look like a kindergarten party by comparison.  The fact that debt — in all of its various forms — has ballooned to levels never seen on this planet is a HUGE contributing factor to the coming collapse.  Sovereign debt, national debt, corporate debt, credit card debt, school loan debt, etc. are all at record highs and increasing by the day.

There are four primary drivers of the upcoming Crash of the Millennium.  

To varying degrees, some of these dynamics also contributed to the historic breakdown in the fall of 2008.  As follows:





(Source: The ‘FOUR HORSEMEN’ Herald the Death Knell of Predatory Capitalism)

“Economic Armageddon and Financial Apocalypse Are Upon Us”

“The global money matrix, worldwide financial architecture and planetary economic landscape most closely resemble the proverbial House of Cards in the form of a Pyramid-Ponzi scheme superstructure built on quicksand.”
The previous quote is an apt description of the current state of the GE&FS.

Because it is accurately descriptive of the global predicament, there is no place on Earth that will be spared from experiencing the fallout of what is essentially the world’s first controlled demolition by way a derivative neutron bomb.  That unparalleled demolition will be triggered by an event (read: detonation) not too unlike the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008, the largest in US history ($613 billion debt load).

Deutsche Bank: Too Big To Fail … Or Not?

This time the detonation will be provided by Deutsche Bank.[1]  In this way there is now a high likelihood that the European banking system will be destroyed by Germany’s failure to act decisively and in a timely manner to bail out the bank.  Deutsche Bank shares have been in a free-fall collapse and there is no will to stop it.  The German government under Chancellor Angela Merkel has been the most negligent and irresponsible in modern history.  This inconvenient fact does not bode well for Deutsche Bank at this late date, as the warning signs of its collapse have been intensifying for some time now.

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Market-Talk -R

Market Talk – September 28th, 2016

Asia, specifically the Nikkei, traded heavy from the opening and although attempted a bounce mid-session by the close ended 1.3% down. The JPY therefore saw moves [...]
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Saudia Arabia to Sell All US Assets as Congress Overrides Obama Veto

Congress voted to override Obama’s veto that families of those killed in the terror attacks on 9/11 would not be allowed to sue Saudi Arabia. This is the [...]
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Can Russia Learn From Brazil’s Fate? — Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Hudson




Private Blog Update for the Closing of September

Private Blog Update for the Closing of September Dow & [...]
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2017 Countdown

Why Are the Markets Coiling?

  The markets have been coiling, and quite frankly, this reminds me of when Pope John Paul II was shot, which was the first attempted assassination of a [...]
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The Fish Bowl Economy & Academics

QUESTION: Hi Marty, I hope you’re doing well. Having been a follower of yours for some time now, and been enlightened from that, I am ever in your debt for [...]
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World Trade Collapsing On Schedule

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has warned that there is a “dramatic slowing of trade growth” unfolding. The WTO has revised downward its [...]
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Canadian v US Municipality Debt Crisis

Canada has a different legal structure compared to the United States. Canada is one of the most decentralized countries in the world where provinces are actually [...]
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HP to issue “optional firmware update” allowing 3rd-party ink

HP will disable "security" feature this time but makes no promises about future.

LaVoy FINICUM Assassination forensic Study released!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ARTHUR SILBER: Desperation and Rage in the Time of Trump (I)

FROM: March 31, 2016

 Donald Trump is a deeply sickening, horrifying person. It is an abomination to be forced to consider seriously the prospect of Trump becoming President of the United States. He vomits forth hideous, vicious ideas, he insults and condemns large swaths of humanity, and he offers idiotic policy prescriptions, to the extent he offers prescriptions at all, but which are almost always so vague as to be meaningless, except for being horrifying and abominable. Obviously. Trump lives in the gutter and seeks to drag all the rest of us down into the filth- and disease-infested waters with him. He is utterly classless, and he is unspeakably vulgar. His vulgarity is overwhelming. It is unspeakable, or, rather, it once would have been unspeakable for a presidential candidate to brag -- in a debate, mind you, in a debate! -- about the size of his member, as if that were a qualification for office. Any decent human being recoils from Trump and thoroughly condemns his pollution of our civil discourse. He is a blight on our country, indeed on the world. Trump embodies a pestilence that must be eradicated, completely and, one would hope, for all time.




Market-Talk (1)__1454353396_72.94.249.194

Market Talk – September 27, 2016

In general, the conclusion for trading in Asia was positive with core indices closing up around 1%. However, it did not open that way where we saw the Nikkei off [...]
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Orwell’s “2016:” The System Is Completely Rigged

 It is what it is – and what “IT” is, is that we’re living in the vision of the future laid out by George Orwell 70 years ago.   The markets are rigged, elections are rigged; Congress is completely owned by wealthy corporations and individuals;  the power of the Oval Office is owned by wealthiest and most ruthless corporations and individuals:  Wall Street Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Defense, Big Pharma and Big Tobacco.

FCC official: “Something’s not right” with Wi-Fi at Monday’s debate

One of the members of the Federal Communications Commission, Jessica Rosenworcel, has asked the agency to investigate the Monday evening ban on journalists’ Wi-Fi personal hotspots at the presidential debate held at Hofstra University.

As Ars reported on Monday evening, the host venue demanded that journalists pay $200 to access the event’s Wi-Fi and were told to shut down their own hotspots or leave the debate. At least one photo, taken by Kenneth Vogel of Politico, showed a handheld device that was being used to scan for and locate “rogue” Wi-Fi networks.

The Debate Verdict: The American Public Loses

The only winners in last night’s debate were Trump and Clinton. Win or lose, Trump is getting free advertising for his business organization. He may not be spending much on his campaign, but he’s getting $10’s of millions worth of free corporate promotion.

Hillary win or lose is getting a “Get Out of Free Jail” pass for the numerous felonies she’s committed, some of which are punishable by death. If she loses, Obama will undoubtedly hand her a blanket pardon. How do we know? Because Hillary’s capos have already received pardons.




Debate a Non-Event Press Declares Hillary Won

Well of course the press has made it known that their verdict on the first U.S. presidential debate is that Hillary Clinton “won”, yet Donald Trump [...]
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Hillary Also Had An Undisclosed Gmail Account

Hillary also had an undisclosed Gmail account. It’s amazing how Hillary hides everything, never tells the truth, covers everything up, and yet the New York [...]
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Real Estate Comes in Different Flavors

QUESTION: So i read your article ” Germany About to Raise Property Taxes Significantly “. It is really amazing to read such a piece. It shows me how [...]
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Obama Used a Fictitious Name to Communicate with Hillary on Her Private Server

Once a politician, always a politician. They are just incapable of telling the truth. The New York Post, who may become the American version of the British [...]
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Market-Talk -R

Market Talk – September 26th, 2016

A weaker opening for Asia with the Nikkei 0.7% lower mid-morning and just kept drifting having heard Mr Kuroda inflation expectations and his possible “lower [...]
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Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) calls on HP to disable printer ink self-destruct sequence

HP firmware update rejected cheaper third-party ink cartridges.

Tell HP — Say No to DRM 

HP recently activated a secret feature in its Officejet Pro printers (and possibly other models) that causes the printers to refuse to print with third-party or recycled ink cartridges.
Please join us in demanding that HP say no to DRM.

 Go to the link at the bottom of the article to sign the petition unless you want to pay $30 each for your ink cartridges. Or...Here's the link:


Monday, September 26, 2016

DEATH under Clinton, LIFE under Trump... which do you choose?

GT sez: 

This is not my point of view, however, my policy is to post various points of view.

I personally think either of our present candidates will lead us to our final destruction.

YouTube to ‘Fight Trolls’ by Hiring Army of Trolls to Delete Videos They Disagree With

Google-owned network slammed for new lurch towards political censorship

What You Should Know About Tonight’s Debate

Presidential debates are never about substance — 
and Trump the showman has the edge.

British Parliament Concludes US & Vassals Lied About Gaddafi & Libya

Parliamentary Report Confirms What the Alternative Media Has Been Saying for Years




New York Times Proves it is the Establishment – End of Independence

The lack of integrity among the press is becoming just in your face. The New York Times published an amazing endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Saturday in hopes [...]
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Monday Night Presidential Debate – The Defining Moment? Will Democrats Choose between being American or a Democrat?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Does you computer still project a Trump victory? It is beginning to look like it might be right. ANSWER: Yes. It does not change. It [...]
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Merkel May Be the Worse Politician in all of History

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has got to be the worse politician in history when it comes to understanding the economy. Merkel has ruled out any state [...]
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

12-minute video: US illegal and lie-started War of Aggression on Syria piles on Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, drone targets, and 30 million similar war-killed victims since WW2. This is YOUR America under President Trump or Clinton until YOU demand .01% arrests

Carl Herman doesn't mince words.
Read this article completely.
Read as many of the links in it as possible.



Swiss Flag

Swiss September 25th Referendum Results

  In the Swiss Referendum today on September 25th, 2016, the only vote to pass was the Intelligence Service Act referendum, where the “yes” vote [...]
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Mainstream Media join Conspiracy against the American People

The weekly White House Watch telephone survey by Rasmussen Reports finds Trump with 44% support among Likely U.S. Voters to Clinton’s 39%. Libertarian candidate [...]
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The Curse of Cash = Curse of Elitist Authors

The government has its pawns cheering the end of money. They are screaming that $1.4 trillion exists in cash and half of that is $100 bills. Justine Underhill [...]
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Germany About to Raise Property Taxes Significantly

The greatest problem with real estate is you cannot pick up and leave. The Federal Council in Germany is planning to re-evaluate the approximately 35 million homes [...]
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The Hunt for Taxes is Unleashed in Africa

Nigeria has begun the hunt for taxes as they target 700,000 firms as the country is desperate to look for more revenue as its income from oil has collapsed. Nigeria [...]
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Market Talk – September 23, 2016

Today was the first day that the Nikkei cash has had to reflect upon the FED’s decision, as was closed Wednesday for a national holiday. Todays [...]
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The Pension Crisis is Global

The worldwide pension crisis is the next great notch in the belt of how socialism is collapsing. If anyone in the private sector promised workers pensions and did [...]
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EU Collapse on Schedule

Merkel admitted that the European Union is in a “critical situation” as the EU leaders met in Slovakia. I greatly appreciate all the emails asking why [...]
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Great Alignment

QUESTION: You said in the last gold video that ——— could be the possible big turning point in gold.  Do you also see ——— (or [...]
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Un-Becoming American - One Man's Painful Journey To Renouncing Citizenship

 “I am sorry, we cannot open a bank account for you because you are a US citizen... Earlier this month we received a directive from top management not to open any more accounts for US passport holders, even if they are also Swiss. I am really sorry, but we cannot do anything for you..." You’re guilty until proven innocent... This was when I first considered renouncing my US citizenship.

Retired Green Beret Warns "We Haven't Been This Close To Nuclear War In A Long Time"

As can readily be seen by the current events, the world has not been this close to a nuclear war and World War 3 in a long time.  There are four major flashpoints right now that could easily escalate and ignite a powder keg, transforming from a regional conflict or conflicts into a world war: Syria, the South China Sea, Ukraine, and North and South Korea.  The “reconstruction” of a Cold War-type faceoff, initiated by the U.S. and NATO building up forces in Eastern Europe and facing off against Russia.

Living In A Van Down By The River – Time To Face The True State Of The Middle Class In America

Do you remember the old Saturday Night Live sketches in which comedian Chris Farley portrayed a motivational speaker that lived in a van down by the riverUnfortunately, this is becoming a reality for way too many Americans...As the middle class has shrunk and the cost of living has increased, a lot of people have decided to quite literally “live on the road”.



NSA Snowden

Congress Commits Treason Against the People

The arrogance of Congress & NSA knows no bounds. A U.S. congressional intelligence committee issued a critical report accusing Edward Snowden of treason, [...]
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Fed Seeks to Prohibit Companies from Merchant Banking to Promote Lending

The Federal Reserve wants to take away the ability of Goldman Sachs and other banks to invest in companies rather than acting as bankers and lending. The U.S. [...]
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Greenspan Sees Inflation or Stagflation? There is a Difference!

QUESTION #1: Marty, Greenspan reads you without a doubt. You warned back in 2012 that we have to be concerned about the USA moving into stagflation with deflation [...]
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Criminal Cops Continue To Murder At Will

Criminal Cops Continue To Murder At Will

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stockman: The election will create market chaos



Fed v Congress

Fed has become World Central Bank

The U.S. Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged yet strongly indicated that it could still tighten monetary policy by the end of this year as the labor [...]
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The US Constitution Has Been Murdered

PCR Interviewed by Teresa Kuhn

The US Constitution Has Been Murdered

This Is How the Feds Will Ban Cash

Editor’s note: Governments have tried anything and everything to stimulate the economy since 2008.

They’ve cut interest rates hundreds of times. They’ve printed trillions of dollars. Some governments have even adopted “negative interest rates.”
Dispatch readers know these radical measures have failed miserably. But that won’t stop the government from continuing to experiment during the next financial crisis.
Today, Agora founder Bill Bonner reveals what the government could do when the next crisis hits. Unlike previous measures, this new policy could directly target the money in your wallet.
[This essay was originally published on September 12, 2016, in Bill Bonner's Diary.]

OUZILLY, France – We came back from South America poorer but wiser.
For the first time ever, we have had to face the reality of politics; up until now, it was never more than an abstract, theoretical matter.
We read about the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, and the passage of Obamacare.
We knew politics was corrupt and repulsive. But except for a brief stint on the board of governors of our local church, we had nothing to do with it.
Now the wolf is in our own backyard… so close that we can smell its hot breath and hear the clicking of its pearly teeth as it snaps at our heels.
More as it develops…

Criminalizing Cash

But wait… money sometimes goes “full politics,” too.
Take poor Kenneth Rogoff at Harvard.
He wants a dollar with a voter registration card, a U.S. flag on its windshield, and a handgun in its belt – the kind of money that supports the Establishment and votes for Hillary.
Writing last month in the Wall Street Journal under the headline, “The Sinister Side of Cash,” he noted that “paper currency, especially large notes such as the U.S. $100 bill, facilitates crime: racketeering, extortion, money laundering, drug and human trafficking, the corruption of public officials, not to mention terrorism.”
Of course, large notes do make it easier for criminals to operate. Like cellphones. And sunglasses. And automobiles with air-conditioning.
But that’s what money is supposed to do: make it easier for an economy to function. You use it as you please.
Yes, dear reader, we are back to our regular beat. Money. But what’s this? Finally, we’re beginning to see some action.
You’ll recall that the markets have been eerily quiet… with less movement in stocks than we’ve seen in the last 100 years.
What gives?
Perhaps it was the calm before the storm. The Dow fell nearly 400 points on Friday. We don’t know. It could be the calm before the storm. Or it could be the calm before more calm.

How It All Ends

There’s something fundamentally tranquilizing about having a central bank that gives out the word that it’s got your back.
The Bank of Japan is buying bonds AND stocks (by way of exchange-traded funds)… pushing up prices for both.
Under its €1.7 trillion ($1.9 trillion) QE program, the European Central Bank bought so many government bonds, it ran out of new bonds to buy. So, this summer, it added corporate bonds to its shopping list.
According to Reuters, it will soon run out of corporate bonds, too. Then it will have to follow the Bank of Japan’s lead… and wade into the stock market… if it wants to keep its QE program going.
And in the U.S., the Yellen Fed continues to jive and diddle… teasing investors with the threat of “normalizing” interest rates, but having neither the desire nor the fortitude to act.
We’ve been wondering how it ends. Bear markets are facts of life. But if the central bank has set its face to stopping them, then what?
Central banks – in the current system – can create unlimited amounts of fake money. They can use this money to buy real financial assets.
Theoretically, they could buy all the world’s stocks and bonds. And theoretically, they can leave the feds with almost complete ownership of the planet’s capital.
The rich get richer (selling their assets to the feds at inflated prices). The poor get poorer (as the misallocation of capital increases… price signals are distorted… and real wealth is wasted).
What goes wrong?
Everything. As in politics, the gap between theory and practice is as wide as the Sargasso Sea.

The Next Crisis

Even with the largest bidder in the world on their side, investors can still panic.
That would mean a big drop in asset prices, high-profile bankruptcies, and a new crisis.
Things move fast. The feds may step in with more QE buying, but they may be a dollar short and a day late.
A 20% drop in stock prices is equal to a loss of about $5 trillion in the U.S. alone.
The bond market is roughly twice the size of the stock market, so add a 20% drop there and you’re talking real money – a total loss of $15 trillion… which could easily happen in a few days.
Now, imagine a drop similar to the 2008-09 plunge…
In round numbers, equities lost 50%. Today, there’s about $60 trillion worth of stocks worldwide, so that would be a $30 trillion loss.
If the bond market fell in sync, you’d be looking at another $60 trillion or so… or a total loss of market capital of $90 trillion.
What would the feds do?
Yes, they would buy stocks and bonds. But they would buy at market prices. Owners would still take big losses.
And the feds wouldn’t stop there.
We are now almost eight years into the central bank’s various “stimulus” programs; they have coincided with the weakest recovery on record.
After taking account of inflation, incomes for most Americans are lower today than they were in 2007.
Clearly, reducing the cost of credit doesn’t work – even with yields on roughly $13 trillion worth of bonds in negative territory.

Fire Up the Whirlybirds

So what’s next?
When the next crisis hits, central bankers will rush back into their tool rooms and bring out something new. It will no doubt include “helicopter money.”
This is the term economist Milton Friedman used to describe direct giveaways of newly minted money without any corresponding increase in the government’s budget deficit.
Huge new infrastructure projects will be announced. Tax credits, tax cuts, minimum guarantee incomes – we don’t know what the feds will come up with.
But watch out…
With the carrot will come the sticks. The feds will impose measures to crack down on tax cheats, tighten the noose on black-market operators, and shut off funds to causes they don’t like.
They’ll use their money helicopters to “drone” you. That is, they’ll make sure you do with your money as they please.
Mr. Rogoff’s nutty suggestion to restrict cash could become law.

Bolivia ended its drug war by kicking out the DEA and legalizing coca

Will Russia Surrender? — Paul Craig Roberts

Psychopathic killer cops murder again



Colin Powell

Powell Confirms Israel has 200 Nuclear Warheads

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s private emails reveal a lot more than a very questionable Hillary. The leak by hackers has revealed that Powell [...]
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BREXIT What Next (2)


QUESTION: Good day Marty, first and foremost, thank for what you do on a daily basis for us sheeple. Your prolific writing is amazing to me. There are many pundits [...]
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Is the World Political Economy Melting Down?

We entered a private wave during July 1985 after 51.6 years of a public wave that began in 1932. The private sector went nuts when the bankers and foreign [...]
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Market-Talk (1)__1454353396_72.94.249.194

Market Talk – September 20, 2016

Most markets were in a holding pattern awaiting the outcome of central bank decisions. The Nikkei faltered initially but was short-lived as by the end of the day we [...]
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The Coming Dark Age

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, Thank you for the time you are spending to educate the public about what it really going on. I have followed your work for years, from [...]
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Monday, September 19, 2016




Terrorism Turning to Knives, Axes & Machete rather than Suicide Bombings

The rise of militant terrorists home-grown is much greater than people realize. No gun control will stop them because the knife, hatchet and machete have begun to [...]
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Canada’s Household Debt Exceeds Total GDP for First Time

For the first time in history, the total private debt of the Canadian public has exceeded the total national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) after reaching 100.7%. [...]
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Market-Talk (1)__1454353396_72.94.249.194

Market Talk – September 19, 2016

As China opened after a long weekend, so it was that Japan was closed for national holiday (Respect for the Aged Day). There was also a computer issue in [...]
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Merkel Despair

Merkel Suffers Historical Defeat in Berlin – The Year from Political Hell is in Motion

The Stage is being set for the most dramatic political change in our lifetime; or for the young in age rather than just hart, post World War II. Angela [...]
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Hillary’s Parkinson’s Disease is Why She Will not do Press Conferences

  More and more talk from behind the curtain is very concerned that Hillary indeed has Parkinson’s disease and this is why she is not having press [...]
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A$ – Wheat & Wool – the Outlook

On the yearly level in Wheat CBT Futures, the last important low was established during 2010 at 4254, which was down 2 years from the high made back during 2008 at [...]
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Hillary Laughing

President of Haiti Exposes Clintons’ Corruption Pocketing 98% of the Money Donated for Relief

Haitian President has come publicly to expose the corruption of the Clintons and their Clinton Foundation. Of the billions of dollars donated to help the Haitian [...]
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Terrorism strikes in Kashmir & New York City

We have terrorist attacks in Kashmir against the military and what may prove to be a home-grown terrorist attack using pressure cookers in New York City, similar [...]
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Fuldaer Zeitung: “When increasing money supply causes deflation”

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I read your piece published in the German Press Fuldaer Zeitung yesterday how “When increasing money supply causes deflation”. [...]
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Australia Elects Senator Who Was Thrown in Contempt Fighting Against Judges

Sen. Derryn Hinch (Vic-DHJP) was thrown in contempt and imprisoned for standing up against corrupt judges. He was elected to the Senate and made his Maiden Speech [...]
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