Wednesday, November 23, 2016




Gold Breaks 1200 – Private Blog Update – Off We Go?

Private Blog Update for [...]
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Pacific Ring of Fire – New Zealand now Japan

A major quake has hit New Zealand and days later Japan. Unfortunately, this is in line with our model as we head toward our destiny with a crash in the energy [...]
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World Health Correlations

COMMENT: Hello Martin, love your work, have learned so much, as an engineer and innovator, your work and perspectives have given me amazing sight and perspective [...]
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Foreign Governments Cutting off Funding for Hillary

Hillary supporters claimed that the Clinton Foundation was an innocent, “charitable” organization. On his proposed first day to “Drain the Swamp,” [...]
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Beyond AI

AI Computer Systems – Do They Need to be Regulated?

QUESTION: Hi Martin, Thank you for your incredible contribution to humanity, everything you have done so far would take thousands of average humans to achieve. I am [...]
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Market-Talk -R

Market Talk – November 22, 2016

Early fears from the earthquake and the concerns that we would break the 18k level were soon dismissed as the morning lows created the days lows. The Nikkei traded [...]
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Le Pen Marine

Le Pen Doubling Hollande in Polls

Last Thursday in France, Le Monde showed President Hollande polling at 14% while likely Republican candidate and former president Nicolas Sarkozy scored 21%. [...]
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New York Times Partly Responsible for the Violence

  New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. has admitted that his paper was unconstitutionally biased and disgraced the very principle of the First [...]
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If the Electoral College Voted for Hillary

  The proposal that the Electoral College should have voted for Hillary, thereby undermining the Constitutional structure of state v federal rights, was very [...]
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Trump Update on His First 100 Days

So far, he appears to be doing what he said he would do. Quite a Novel [...]
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Market-Talk -R

Market Talk – November 21, 2016

  A positive session in Asia in what is presumed to be a quiet week as US holidays shorten much intended volume. We usually see a flurry in activity post US [...]
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Gold Private Blog Update

Private Blog Gold [...]
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The Rising Civil Unrest in America is Highly Dangerous for the Future

  The American Revolution was inspired by one book entitled Common Sense by Thomas Paine. We even find British political tokens with the saying “END OF [...]
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Hillary Clinton - 19

Hillary Tells Supporters to Effectively Revolt Against Trump

Hillary Clinton in her first public speech since losing the election at the Washington gala for the Children’s Defense Fund,told people to fight against Trump [...]
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Will Obama Pardon Hillary?

President Ford granted former President Richard M. Nixon an unconditional pardon for all Federal crimes that he “committed or may have committed or taken part [...]
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