Monday, November 14, 2016



Military Exercises Civil Unrest

Troops Inspecting People at Canadian Border

QUESTION: Hi Martin Here’s an update on a new militarization event on a USA-to-Canada vehicle border crossing at Port-Huron bridge, MI. At 3 am Sat morning I [...]
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George Soros – The Man Trying to Create A Socialist Revolution?

George Soros is a Hungarian born August 12, 1930 who became an American. I believe he has done everything possible to further of Marxist takeover of the United [...]
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Beyond AI

The Black Box?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; it has become expressly clear that you have created a model which beats everything out there. Your forecasts on gold that it would rally [...]
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The WEC 2016 Orlando

This year’s World Economic Conference held in Orlando included people from more than 30 countries. This has become almost like a College reunion. We are [...]
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Trump Tackles Student Loans

Trump has proposed capping student debt at 12.5% of their income and a debt forgiveness at 15 years. Yes this will cost something, but it is the only way to unwind [...]
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