Saturday, October 29, 2016




Hillary – Weinergate – Abedin New Scandal – Indictment Now?

The New York Post is doing the best job on explaining this latest scandal. They have the 302s which are FBI reports of interviews. They clearly show that Huma [...]
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Sun’s Drop in Energy Output Stronger than Expected

I have been warning that global warming is really a hoax, for the major issue is that the sun is a thermodynamic system, which means that it does not provide a [...]
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The FBI Reopens Hillary’s Emails – Too Hot to Handle

Hillary may not be laughing much longer. The FBI has sent a letter to Congress stating that new emails have surfaced and they are investigating new leads. Hillary [...]
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Market-Talk -R

Market Talk – October 28, 2016

  The Nikkei continued its march despite the weakness seen in other Asian markets as currency continues to be the counterbalance. In late morning trade we did [...]
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Market-Talk -R

Market Talk October 27th, 2016

Energy prices were hit quite quickly after a significant bounce upon the EIA news and that played out overnight in Asia. Energy stocks dragged the Hang Seng lower [...]
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Did Something Happen of the ECM Turning Point?

Did something happen on the October 28th, 2016 turning point? Just maybe what clicked yesterday was the tipping point against government. The Bundys, who were the [...]
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Trading Presidents

The markets are coiling and do not know what to make of all the scandals being released. A Reuters polls shows that 70% of Republicans believe the election will be [...]
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Clinton Foundation Corrupt to Core

In a 2011 memo, an aide to Bill Clinton laid out the unethical relationship between the Clinton Foundation and Bill’s sudden wealth. Bill’s personal [...]
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Podesta – How to Rig the Polls

The U.S. polls are clearly being rigged just as they were for BREXIT. Here is a Podesta email revealing how it is done. They take samples from specific regions and [...]
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Mario Renzi

Italy Threatens to Veto EU Budget – No More Refugees

The Italian Prime Minister is calling for immediate help with the refugees. The EU refugee crisis is becoming a huge nightmare and Brussels refuses to simply admit [...]
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Bankers: Have They Ever Been Good?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong: I hope you are well. I ask you: 1. What were the contributions to the economy and international trade, of the great bankers of the modern [...]
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Merkel-Forcing Refugees

Merkel to Regulate Real Estate Loans

Merkel wants to regulate real estate loans in Germany. The Federal Government is planning to implement extensive regulations on real estate loans. Among other [...]
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