Monday, October 10, 2016




The 3 Units of Time Reaction Rule

QUESTION: Marty, In your September 8 post you said “The Reversals have done a good job and this is actually an appropriate example of how to use them to stay [...]
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Can a Computer Really Beat Humans in Running the Economy?

QUESTION: Many people has written in asking this basic question: “Do you foresee a time when machine logic prevails in economic decisions?” ANSWER: Yes. [...]
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Are they Using Hurricanes to Support Climate Changes Taxes?

Reporting from Florida, it is starting to smell like something is really rotten with these weather forecasts. The morning Hermine hit Florida on the West Coast, [...]
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Hillary Wages Gender War in Addition to Class and Race Wars

Many readers keep writing in to ask what is my personal opinion with all the latest row centering on Trump and women. The Washington Post in digging up old tapes of [...]
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Republicans Call for Trump to Bow Out of Election Confirming They Are Conspiring With Hillary

If there was ever proof that the Republican elite want Hillary to win, you just got it. The  video published by the Washington Post showing Trump having a vulgar [...]
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Hillary is a Lesbian

Well the emails are now pouring in saying: “OMG, your sources are unbelievable.”  Back on July 18th, i told the story that when the Clintons first [...]
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