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Manipulating the Public

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe Obama Administration has put the word out to the press they need help. NBC on its Nightly News was now reporting the number of people killed in the United States by guns on a daily basis. This is all about trying to manipulate the public into assuming that if they vote to disarm everyone, that will eliminate guns and end the violence. The bulk of the guns come in and are associated with drugs. There are drug wars and virtually every drug dealer needs to be armed to protect himself from other drug dealers looking to rob him or kill him. There are gangs that dress up as police and raid other drug dealer operations. Make drugs legal, you will end the violence, return the Latin America governments to their people, and watch how the streets will be safer just as what took place after prohibition ended. That was memorialized in the song the Night Chicago Died.
The most common prison sentence involves the simple possession of a gun or ammunition. Ex-Vietnam Vets who had empty shells made into a necklace were sent to prison for even possessing an empty shell under the theory they could refill it even if they had no gun. If you had a DWI in most states, Federally they can lock you up if you had even an empty shell and served in the war.
It is not about DOING something with a gun, it is about the mere possession that is a crime on the books right now. Once you are locked up and it has been proven that you were not classified as a felon, the Fed still refuse to release you. They will NEVER admit they are wrong for anything. This is how they execute innocent people that they know are innocent but withhold the evidence and go have dinner after he is dead celebrating another notch in the belt..
The sad part is the game is afoot. They will enlist the media to spin stories to now justify Obama’s desire to disarm America so the only people with guns will be the real criminals and drug dealers. It is already a crime for them to just possess a gun and they still have them. So how will this somehow change anything?
Just do the background checks like TSA does before you get on the plane. They can buy whatever they want on the streets anyhow. Do you really think drug dealers go the store now? This is not about stopping violence for to do that, legalize drugs. This is all about manipulating public opinion for other reasons. They could care less how many people die. Its all about what is coming and they know what that is.

The Linchpin Lie: How Global Collapse Will Be Sold To The Masses

In our modern world there exist certain institutions of power.  Not government committees, alphabet agencies, corporate lobbies, or even standard military organizations; no, these are the mere “middle-men” of power.  The errand boys.  The well paid hitmen of the global mafia.  They are not the strategists or the decision makers.  

Instead, I speak of institutions which introduce the newest paradigms.  Who write the propaganda.  Who issue the orders from on high.  I speak of the hubs of elitism which have initiated nearly every policy mechanism of our government for the past several decades.  I am talking about the Council On Foreign Relations, the Tavistock Institute, the Heritage Foundation (a socialist organization posing as conservative), the Bilderberg Group, as well as the corporate foils that they use to enact globalization, such as Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the Carlyle Group, etc.


Monthly Closings Today

In gold, a closing below 16960 will shift this market into a neutral position. Next month, 16700-16900 will become initial resistance.The major support lies at the 15400-15700 area.
In silver the major support is in the 26-2700 level. A closing today below 3070 will keep silver in a neutral to bearish mode. Major resistance stands at 3410.
The Dow Jones Industrials have a Monthly Bearish at 12220 and the bullish is at 14280. Support during February lies at the 12900 level 13330. If we close ABOVE13700, the Dow will still be in a strong position. A Directional Change and a Panic Cycle will be coming into play in February with another Directional Change in March. This is warning about CHOPPY markets ahead with back and forth action. We see high volatility in May.
We do not see a solid trend unfolding just yet. The markets appear to be confused and this is likely to be maintained until August and then we have the German elections in September. Merkel will not want to take any real important decisions ahead of the elections fearing that could be costly. She will opt for the status quo right now and not even blast France who will be the undermining of the Euro. With the French Marxist policies, they are drilling holes in the bottom of the ship while Germany is trying bail out the excess water. France will win – not Germany.
Anyone who ever thought the Euro could displace the dollar were on drugs. Without a single national debt, there was never anything to compete with the dollar since the risk of the euro was diverse spread throughout all members with great variance. Now France, is the undoing of the Euro dreams.

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Paul Craig Roberts: Nature’s Capital Is The Limiting Resource

Life will perish as the environment perishes 
21st century ecological economist

Fred Reed: We're Screwed Thoughts Following the Inauguration of Septimius Severus

What is going to kill us is diversity. It isn’t working well. By diversity I mean here the intermixing of large groups of people holding utterly differing and opposed values. There is too damned much diversity in America. It isn’t getting better.

How MONEY & BANKING Really works - Part 1 (1 of 5)

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Politics – Who will Be Blamed

A reader commented:
“Since the debt melt down will happen after Obama leaves office in 2016. He will get off scott free of any blame.”
That is NOT necessarily the case. Generally, people are getting fed-up with politicians. There are still the sublimely ignorant who will vote for their party regardless of the facts. But our computer has been forecasting politics for the last 30 years and it has never been wrong yet in any country. I stood up in Tokyo and delivered the computer forecast that the LDP would lose. They did. That was more shocking to the Japanese than anything because the LDP NEVER lost since World War II.
Our model shows we will get a spike rise in third party activity for 2016. Interest rates should start to rise here in 2013. The overall economy will simply beSTAGFLATION in the USA and in Europe, it will be a good day if they can break-even rather than come in with a NEGATIVE growth rate in GDP. France is out to destroy the Euro even if they do not realize what the hell they are doing. They were the 2nd most important economy behind the Euro and their irresponsible Marxist style fiscal irresponsibility is highly dangerous. If Merkel loses the German election in September, hold on to your seat. The rise in the dollar will be devastating to commodities, good for stocks, and send interest rates higher so that not even the Fed will be able to resist. These are the extremes that we live in today.
The rise in third party activity suggests that by the time we get to 2016, people will start to look for an alternative to Democrats and Republicans. They are economically the same. They distinguish themselves only with social issues primarily turning on religion. But there are the old Reagan Fiscal Conservatives where economics and survival come first. This will most likely be the third party movement – one that is tired of the same shit. The nasty Republican retaliation of (1) refusing to allow Ron Paul’s name to be nominated at the conventtion was a disgrace, and (2) kicking off committees any Republican who supported  Ron Paulshows the Republicans are NO FISCAL CONSERVATIVES. They have disgraced the party of Jefferson.
So do not worry that Obama will escape responsibility. I seriously doubt thatANYONE in Washington will escape. You cannot hunt down the rich, tax your way to recovery, and expect job growth to be there. Obama is clearly following the French down the rabbit hole.

Russia Issues “Critical Alert” For US As Billions Flee American Banks

To if the American people will continue to allow their once cherished rights to be continually destroyed for the benefit of their elite masters, while at the same time succumbing to any measure of manufactured fear the Obama, or any other, regime throws at them, it still remains unknown.
What is known, however, is that the foe these American people find themselves pitted against is the most ruthless and murderous our planet Earth has ever known…over 150 million previously disarmed dead Russians, Chinese and German men, women and children over the past century can attest to that…so now it’s the United States turn to see who will ultimately win this tragic war against humanity.

US banks shaken by biggest deposit withdrawals since 9/11

US Federal Reserve is reporting a major deposit withdrawal from the nation’s bank accounts. The financial system hasn’t seen such a massive fund outflow since 9/11 attacks.
The first week of January 2013 has seen $114 billion withdrawn from 25 of the US’ biggest banks, pushing deposits down to $5.37 trillion, according to the US Fed. Financial analysts suggest it could be down to the Transaction Account Guarantee insurance program coming to an end on December 31 last year and clients moving their money that is no longer insured by the government.

BILL Maher Likens Defense Spending To Declining Manhood: When Did We Become ‘Dickless Armchair Warriors’?

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Obama Plan To Massacre Americans

With Obama now having established “firm control” over the US military, this report continues, the United States President has begun an unprecedented purge of all officers who refuse to kill American citizens when ordered to do so.
The shocking claim made about Obama in this MFA report was confirmed this past week by one of the world’s foremost philanthropists, and 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Jim Garrow, who on 21 January wrote on his Facebook page:
MFA intelligence analysts writing in this report state that Dr. Garrow’s“source” for this information was “undoubtedly” the US Marine Corp legendGeneral James Mattis who was head of the United States Central Command (CENTCOM), but was ordered by Obama this past week to vacate his offices immediately.

Obama may have already started a mass purge of US dissidents and is hiding their deaths within the false statistics of what the Americans are calling a flu epidemic, but which strangely appears to be only targeting Americans as this virus has yet to appear in any other nation.

Pointing to a more likely culprit in these mass American deaths is a hidden viral gene recently discovered in genetically modified crops (GMO) (which Americans consume more of than anyone one in the world) by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). According to the EU scientists who discovered this hidden viral gene, its sole function is “designed to disable their host in order to facilitate pathogen invasion.”


Dow Off to New Highs?

The Dow closed the week at 13895.98 providing yet additional buy signals warning that we may yet see new highs on Monday. Everything is still on track for a high in 2014. There is a potential for a intraday high in 2015 leaving 2014 as the highest yearly closing. The next key Weekly Bullish Reversal stands at 14169.50. We should see a temporary high next week. We need a monthly closing ABOVE 14280.00 and that will signal a breakout to new historic highs ahead. Our monthly technical resistance stands at 14220.00 during January, while the target resistance for 2015 will stand at 18450 followed by 25825. The projection Channel from 1929 provides the underlying initial support for 2013 at 12640.00.
Additional conversations with clients in Japan are emphasizing the shift in capital to USA into the PRIVATE sector, not government bonds. Our sources in Japan have been always unsurpassed. Because of the importance of what is unfolding clients have asked for another World Economic Conference soon. We are trying to set this up for March 18th & 19th in Philadelphia where we will go over market by market with the Reversals and timing. Therefore, those flying in to the Sovereign Debt Crisis conference on the 16th will be able to do both on one air ticket. We will confirm that next week.. As always, there will be the cocktail party on Saturday for networking.

CIA Torture Whistleblower Sentenced to 30 Months

Sentencing exemplifies the 'second McCarthy era' against US whistleblowers by the Obama administration

CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou was sentenced to 2 ½ years in prison on Friday for what critics of his prosecution are calling trumped-up charges by the Department of Justice for his exposure of the spy agency's torture program established by the former Bush administration.

Frontline Gets Its Man: Lanny Breuer Leaves DOJ After Exposé

In a testament to the power of independent media, the award-winning public television showFrontline this week helped push a top Department of Justice (DOJ) official out the door.
On Tuesday, Frontline aired a report called "The Untouchables" detailing the DOJ's failure to prosecute the big banks for the 2008 financial meltdown and zeroing in on Lanny Breuer, the former White House legal counsel for Clinton who headed the DOJ's criminal division under Obama.
On Wednesday, the Washington Post reported that Breuer was stepping down.

JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon Spurs Outrage in Davos

'Remarks such as these, coming from the head of JPMorgan, are maddening'

Amid calls for stricter regulations of the banking industry, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon came under fire Wednesday after telling corporate and political leaders at the World Economic Forum that banks had been wrongly "scapegoated" as the cause of the global economic crisis, and resisted calls for increased regulation of the financial industry.

The Road to Debt Deflation, Debt Peonage, and Neofeudalism

What is called “capitalism” is best understood as a series of stages. Industrial capitalism has
given way to finance capitalism, which has passed through  pension fund capitalism since the
1950s and a US-centered monetary imperialism since 1971, when the fiat dollar (created mainly
to finance US global military spending) became the world’s monetary base. Fiat dollar credit
made possible the bubble economy after 1980, and its substage of casino capitalism. These
economically radioactive decay stages resolved into debt deflation after 2008, and are now
settling into a leaden debt peonage and the austerity of neo-serfdom.

The end product of today’s Western capitalism is a neo-rentier economy—precisely what
industrial capitalism and classical economists set out to replace during the Progressive Era
from the late 19th to early 20th century. A financial class has usurped the role that landlords
used to play—a class living off special privilege. Most economic rent is now paid out as
interest. This rake-off interrupts the circular flow between production and consumption,
causing economic shrinkage—a dynamic that is the opposite of industrial capitalism’s original
impulse. The “miracle of compound interest,” reinforced now by fiat credit creation, is
cannibalizing industrial capital as well as the returns to labor.
The political thrust of industrial capitalism was toward democratic parliamentary reform to
break the stranglehold of landlords on national tax systems. But today’s finance capital is
inherently oligarchic. It seeks to capture the government—first and foremost the treasury,
central bank, and courts—to enrich (indeed, to bail out) and untax the banking and financial
sector and its major clients: real estate and monopolies. This is why financial “technocrats”
(proxies and factotums for high finance) were imposed in Greece, and why Germany opposed a
public referendum on the European Central Bank’s austerity program.


HR 347 'Trespass Bill' Criminalizes Protest

H.R. 347 (and it's companion senate bill S. 1794); aka the "Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011." Sounding more like an appropriations bill authorizing monies for federal grounds landscaping -- this bill, better known to those in the DC beltway as the 'Trespass Bill' -- potentially makes peaceable protest anywhere in the U.S. a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

In this age of ever increasing police militarization and shrinking civil liberties both here at home and worldwide; the U.S. government under President Obama has morphed into a third Bush term. No longer content to stonewall the public with empty slogans issuing from 'empty suits' -- the political class has degraded to writing obviously illegitimate 'laws' in a desperate attempt to crush any dissent.

MATT TAIBBI: Choice of Mary Jo White to Head SEC Puts Fox In Charge of Hen House

I was shocked when I heard that Mary Jo White, a former U.S. Attorney and a partner for the white-shoe Wall Street defense firm Debevoise and Plimpton, had been named the new head of the SEC.
I thought to myself: Couldn't they have found someone who wasn't a key figure in one of the most notorious scandals to hit the SEC in the past two decades? And couldn't they have found someone who isn't a perfect symbol of the revolving-door culture under which regulators go soft on suspected Wall Street criminals, knowing they have million-dollar jobs waiting for them at hotshot defense firms as long as they play nice with the banks while still in office?
Think about it: how do you go back and sit in S.E.C.’s top spot after all of those years earning millions as a partner for a firm that represented Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Goldman, Sachs, Deutsche, Chase, and AIG, among others? Think that fact that his firm has retained her firm has anything to do with Jamie Dimon coming out and saying that White is the "perfect choice" to run the S.E.C.? Think of all the things she knows but can’t act upon. Could she really turn around and target Morgan Stanley after being their lawyer for all those years?

America’s top financial cop should be someone who doesn’t owe his or her nest egg to the world’s biggest banks.

Read more: 


Wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them

It had become painfully obvious to any historian that government was the worst of all evils. They only pursued their own self-interest and in the process, like, liberty and the pursuit of happiness all vanished. America was founded to reestablish LIBERTY, here we have come full circle. Jefferson wrote in a letter a famous line that sums up everything:
“if we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy.”
Letter of Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, November 29th, 1802.
Unfortunately, history repeats because the passions of man never change. What we are headed into with this Sovereign Debt Crisis is something we simply are compelled to do.

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WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – A rising chorus of congressional Republicans are calling on President Obama to acknowledge that the pop singer Beyoncé lip-synched during his inaugural festivities on Monday and resign from office, effective immediately.
“By lip-synching the national anthem, Beyoncé has cast a dark cloud over the President’s second term,” said Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky).  “The only way President Obama can remove that cloud is by resigning from office at once.”
While many in the media have blamed Beyoncé for the lip-synching controversy, Mr. Paul said, “We must remember that this happened on President Obama’s watch.”
Mr. Paul said that the White House’s refusal to comment on the Beyoncé crisis “only serves the argument that this President has something to hide.”
“If Beyoncé lip-synched the national anthem, how do we know President Obama didn’t lip-sync his oath of office?” he said. “If that’s the case, he’s not legally President. But just to be on the safe side, he should resign anyway.”
Mr. Paul also blasted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her testimony on Benghazi before the Senate today: “Her tactic of answering each and every question we asked her didn’t fool anyone.”

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Every Nation is Being Forced into Tracking All Money Movements

The USA is using the so-called terrorist card to track every penny globally. This of course if really about taxation, Now even Vietnam has issued a decision document enforceable in relation to money laundering. This is an enforceable Inter-Ministerial Circular in relation to money laundering coming from the Ministry of Finance.
Vietnam has taken steps towards revision of its law, that includes anti-money laundering, measures to improve the system of money laundering and terrorist financing and the issuance of a document in accordance with the new Minister of terrorist financing. Hence, it has
 taken steps Towards Improving its AML / CFT regime, by issuing an Inter-Ministerial Circular INCLUDING on terrorist financing and its Amended AML Legislation.
If countries do not cooperate, they will be shut out of the clearing systems., Cayman Islands has opened and they even blocked the Vatican from wire transfers. This is all about eliminate privacy and to force you to pay whatever taxes they demand,

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Crises, in fact, are a statist’s best friend. They have long provided the opportunity for statist rulers to impose broad measures of control over the citizenry. Statists know that it is during crises that people become filled with fear and agitation and, therefore, are more willing than they might otherwise be to have government do whatever is necessary to keep them “safe.” Oftentimes, the result is a radical and comprehensive infringement on the freedom of the citizenry. Even worse, it is one that is often made a permanent part of the governmental framework rather than expire at the end of the crisis.

House Approves Three-Month Debt Limit Extension

BREAKING NEWS Wednesday, January 23, 2013 1:42 PM EST
Avoiding an economic showdown with President Obama, the House on Wednesday passed legislation to suspend the nation’s statutory borrowing limit for three months, without including the dollar-for-dollar spending cuts that Republicans once insisted would have to be part of any debt limit bill.
The measure, however, did include a provision that docks the pay of lawmakers if one of the chambers of Congress fails to pass a budget blueprint by April 15. That provision provided House Republicans with a rationale for giving in on the debt ceiling, at least temporarily.
“It’s real simple: no budget, no pay,” Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio said before the measure passed by 285 to 144. More than enough Democrats joined Republicans to make up for more than 30 Republican defections.


Bill Maher - The Second Amendment Is Not Under Attack, But All Your Other Rights Are

EXCLuSiVE BaNZai7 DaVoS CoVeRaGe BeGiNS: WoRLD PoNZiNoMiC FoRuM 2013


MUST SEE TV: The Untouchables

FRONTLINE investigates why Wall Street’s leaders have escaped prosecution for any fraud related to the sale of bad mortgages.
Watch The Untouchables on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

Wall Street Writes The Laws And Virtually None Go To Prison


The Lower the Birth Rates & Marxism

Having children is not standard. Historically, you had large families because that was your social security, the kids took care of their parents. This trend has been negated by Marxism. With the dawn of “socialism” in the 1930′s, the birth rate has declined in the West because government was there to take care of you so you didn’t need the family structure. Children were not responsible, that was the state’s job.
Augustus 1Then historically, the richer a nation becomes, the lower its birth rate. This trend is true even in Ancient times. In Rome, Augustus (27BC-14D) introduced Family Laws making it illegal for young men not to get married and starts families. For you see, he too was faced with a era of “free love” like the 1960′s thanks to Ovid (43 BC–17/18 AD) who wroteMetamorphoses with the antics of Cupid. He banished Ovid to the Black Sea and his own daughter Julia to an island. It was more than just free love, it was the interesting phenomenon that as a nation gains in wealth and taxes rise, the birth rate declines. Rome underwent this trend and foreign immigrants pour in and take up the lower class jobs. The same trend hit Britain with its rise, Russia, the United States, and proof that Singapore will be the richest nation in the world by 2016, its birth rate has also collapsed to the lowest in the world. This is yet another correlation that emerges from the computer when population and birth rates are run along side economics. Fascinating confirmations of trends.

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Rise of the Machines

Most people see drones as a controversial weapon prowling over foreign battlegrounds. But as America's military campaigns wind down, these machines are coming home and set to change civilian lives forever.

"This is a powerful technology. No amount of hand-wringing is going to stop it", says drone expert, Peter Singer. Whether it's a floating TV station streaming live to the web, the prying lens of the paparazzi, the police chasing a criminal or a government agency spying, small domestic drones are experiencing an exponential growth. At the world's largest drone convention in Las Vegas a salesman tells the crowd, "this can be used in law enforcement, disaster relief and industrial applications. It's also very good at dusting floors. Every home owner should have one". And as the technology advances at a frightening speed, anyone with a few hundred dollars can buy one over the counter. These hobby drones can fly for miles and provide sharp video feedback to the pilot. "I wouldn't cheat on your wife!", laughs columnist Charles Krauthammer. But jokes aside, there are real fears over the "political, legal and ethical issues that play out with this", argues Singer. In 3 years time an order from the US congress will see tens of thousands of drones legally occupy an already crowded sky, raising numerous questions about basic safety, terrorism and civil liberty. As companies rush to cash in on this new billion dollar industry, experts warn, "we're not ready for this".

ABC Australia -


Supreme Court & the Right To Discriminate Against Class

The famous golfer Phil Mickelson was forced to apologize for saying he would have to make “drastic changes” due to new U.S. and California tax laws. The 42-year-old golf champion said the comments should have remained private. He has been assailed as sponsors are intimidated by the government. God help us if we really ever had free speech in this country. Jefferson said God created us all equal in the Declaration of Independence. What happened to those ideals?
To set the record STRAIGHT, it is has been the Judiciary and NOT the people that has (1) claimed that it is constitutional to charge people income taxes on a proportional basis endorsing Karl Marx’s theories of communism, (2) applied income taxes to worldwide income when Congress did not expressly do so, and (3) broadly defined income as anything you get not requiring actual labor. I would like to see a store charge white people one price, Spanish-Speaking a different price, and different prices to Asians and Blacks based upon someone else’s theories and let the Supreme Court say that is constitutional. Would the Supreme Court say the equal protection of the law clause does  not apply? What is the difference between if one person pays 60% in taxes and another nothing from creating different prices in a store based upon race, religion, the way you are dressed, or upon the color of your hair?
There can be no justice for all, equal protection, or anything of the sort as long as you discriminate based upon ANY criteria including class. This is why judges can NEVERbe picked by government. No one who has EVER worked for government should be allowed to be a judge. Ben Franklin argued lawyers should nominal judges for they will nominate the best to eliminate competition. Without a HONEST independent Judiciary, there can never be any rule of law because judges will rationalize whatever government desires to do at that moment in time as they have done with taxation.
To get the corporate “income tax” to fly, the Supreme Court classified it as an “excise tax”. Congress acted in ruthless disregard of the Constitution and passed a corporate income tax by changing the label, precisely as Obama swore Obamacare was not a tax yet the Supreme Court ruled it was a tax to sustain it. The Corporate “excise tax” was set at 1% on all incomes exceeding $5,000. In 1911, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld this corporate “excise tax” as constitutional in Flint v. Stone Tracy Company, 220 U.S. 107 (1911) in which the court ruled that the tax was a special excise tax on theprivilege of doing business not income. Talk about some fine bullshit. Today it is just called an income tax. But that would have been illegal so it was upheld as an excise tax.
Then U.S. Supreme Court in 1916 upheld the progressive income tax as constitutional inBrushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad Company, 240 U.S. 1 (1916). The Supreme Court indicated that the amendment did not expand the federal government’s existing power to tax income (meaning profit or gain from any source) but rather removed the possibility of classifying an income tax as a direct tax on the basis of the source of the income. The Amendment removed the need for the income tax to be apportioned among the states on the basis of population. Income taxes are required, however, to abide by the law of geographical uniformity. The Brushaber court said that if one state were taxed at a different rate, then “This result, instead of simplifying the situation and making clear the limitations on the taxing power, which obviously the Amendment must have been intended to accomplish, would create radical and destructive changes in our constitutional system and multiply confusion.”
I fail to see how it is unconstitutional to tax one state at a high rate than another based upon income but that same “radical” change is immaterial on a individual basis. The Court held that it LACKED the power to deal with the proportionality. If they had no power, then it is a dictatorship for thyre is a denial of due process of law, the right to challenge the very act of Congress. They wrote:
“In fact, comprehensively surveying all the contentions relied upon, … we cannot escape the conclusion that they all rest upon the mistaken theory that, although there be differences between the subjects taxed, to differently tax them transcends the limit of taxation and amounts to a want of due process, and that, where a tax levied is believed by one who resists its enforcement to be wanting in wisdom and to operate injustice, from that fact in the nature of things there arises a want of due process of law and a resulting authority in the judiciary to exceed its powers and correct what is assumed to be mistaken or unwise exertions by the legislative authority of its lawful powers, even although there be no semblance of warrant in the Constitution for so doing.”
marx-4Karl Marx won and eliminated the equal justice for all. No court will rule on the matter since they claim to lack the power to strike down even communism. Bin Laden created Home Land Security, justified the destruction of civil rights, and gave birth to the annihilation of everything the Founding Fathers and all the veterans of WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Gulf Wars,  fought and died for. Their memory has been eradicated. All of this just to collect taxes that the Founding Fathers said NO DIRECT TAXATIONand even the Ten Commandants declared it a sin to covet the possessions of your neighbor.