Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rising Police Aggression A Telling Indicator Of Our Societal Decline

The lines have been drawn in many police departments: it’s us vs. them. Trust in many departments has been utterly shattered within some communities because the police hold themselves to a different standard than they do the populace.  But the recent cases of police brutality are simply a symptom of a much larger problemSociety in the US is breaking down, civility has been lost, and the country is rapidly becoming uncivilized. This extends within and across all of the most important institutions.

Ralph Nader: TPP, Obama, Corporate “Free Traitors” and You!

We must disband the police: Body cameras aren’t enough — only radical change will stop cops who kill

The courts, the media, and the political system are designed to back killer cops. Only radical change will work


As a kid growing up, did you ever think you’d live under a government that had the omnipotent power to assassinate you and every other American citizen?

Ted Rall: Two Stories in the Same Day Show That the U.S. Is Rotten to the Core

Still think the United States is governed by decent people? That the system isn't totally corrupt and obscenely unfair?
Two stories that broke April 23 ought to wake you up.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Updating the Markets – The Key is the Corruption That Will Make the Turn

The political corruption is just now in the open and politicians don’t seem even bother figuring it all blows over in a week or two. This is indicative of what we need in place to shift the CONFIDENCE from government to private come 2015.75. There hasn’t been much to write about for the markets have done pretty much what our computer had forecast – churn going nowhere into May.
GCNYNF-D 4-25-2015
Gold has been turning back down as it has lost much of its luster among broader base investors. In fact, there are people now starting to say gold is dead since it has declined in the face of monetization by the Fed and the ECB. The wider view is the gold rally was all hype and it will never rally. This too is what I warned MUST take placeBEFORE you get the low. We had to “shake the tree” and get them all out.
Everything appears on schedule to bottom with the Benchmarks. If that unfolds to the week, then this too will confirm we have a bubble top in government that should manifest itself in the bond markets.
DJIND-W 4-25-2015
We can see the churning in the share market. Volatility should start to rise come the first week of June. There remains the potential for the final flight to quality if the share market declines, people will run to government bonds even at negative rates. That should create the major high in bonds.
So while it may appear there is just depression story after depressing story about corruption, hopefully you will get a taste of what is necessary to turn the cycle. This is the collapse in trust of government. The paper currency, of what remains, says “IN GOD WE TRUST” not “IN GOVERNMENT WE TRUST” There are not one and the same.



Surveillance Video: Tsarnaev In Holding Cell In July 2013

Rather than some sort of calculated, sustained display of evil scorn for America and his victims — CNN’s “defiant salute” — the actual video shows a 19-year-old prisoner bored from sitting alone for hours in a jail. The middle finger was preceded by other gestures that he maintained longer. He was using the camera as some sort of mirror and appears to be occupying and mildly amusing himself. The still photo was shown by prosecutors rather than the video because the former is menacing and the latter is not. Long-time criminal attorney Jeralyn Merritt noted how banal the actual behavior was

The Saker: Real world vs “TV reality” – is a war inevitable?

War is God’s Way of Teaching Geography

‘There is a harsh contrast between what we are taught is the purpose of "authority" (to create a peaceful, civilized society) and the real-world results of "authority" in action. Flip through any history book and you will see that most of the injustice and destruction that has occurred throughout the world was not the result of people "breaking the law," but rather the result of people obeying and enforcing the "laws" of various "governments." The evils that have been committed in spite of "authority" are trivial compared to the evils that have been committed in the name of "authority…. The belief in "authority," which includes all belief in "government," is irrational and self-contradictory; it is contrary to civilization and morality, and constitutes the most dangerous, destructive superstition that has ever existed. Rather than being a force for order and justice, the belief in "authority" is the archenemy of humanity.’

It is only when we come alive to our latent capacity for compassionate intelligence, when we care enough about the destruction of other humans and ecosystems and the widespread ‘killing of hope’ by the American military machine to question and/or reject external authority over our moral and ethical lives, we can each take the next step on our individual journeys towards becoming mature, useful and relevant human beings.


Cesspool of Corruption in Washington & Brussels – Show Me The Money

Hi Martin
What l resent is when the big corporations pay no tax at all, and when they get bailouts and still pay no tax when returning to profitability, whilst the masses have theirs increased, this is the in-balance.
ANSWER: This is why lobbyists were created. Federal income taxes should be abolished. That will end a large portion of lobbying to be exempt. Then the politicians use the same schemes to get rich while you pay the taxes and they deprive the lower class of even investing their own money they take for Social Security, which they will never get back what they paid in in value. The whole thing is just a corrupt cesspool in Washington as well as Brussels.
Clinton CashThe book everyone is talking about is “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.” It hones in on foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and speaking fees President Bill Clinton raked in during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.
Schweizer’s book lays out what he calls “a pattern of financial transactions involving the Clintons that occurred contemporaneous with favorable U.S. policy decisions benefiting those providing the funds.”
The sad part, this is just standard operating procedure for Washington. The hypocrisy is off the charts. Hillary runs to Goldman Sachs for funding. This is becoming known as Hillary’s Goldman Sachs Problem. He tells the public that believe whatever she says that she denounces this “throwback to the Gilded Age of the robber barons.” They cheer and believe this shit. It is truly amazing.

Just US – Its a Business Exploiting Others for Personal Gain

Project Innocence has been operating as a counter-balance against a justice system the is complete insane. In the federal prison, only about 4% of the people are even there for violence. The Ohio Project Innocence has won a victory where men have finally been released holding the record for the longest wrongfully held – 39 years.
It was 1975, Ricky Jackson and two other young black men were charged and convicted of the murder of a white businessman in Cleveland. The sole evidence against Ricky was testimony provided by an alleged eyewitness, who was 12 at the time. Ricky has met that child who is a man today. He has bluntly stated that he feels no anger. He understands the system and that the witness is typically rehearsed and coerced and becomes a victim of the system themselves.
The witness who suffers the most are women. When I ran the law library in MCC, i could not be there when the women were present. Yet they had no one to ask questions. They would have to write their questions and I would answer them. I was horrified at what the government did to them. They were routinely threatened that if they did not do or say what the prosecutor demanded, their children would be put up for adoption and never seen again.
In a prosecution of Italians, this one guy subpoenaed his own phone calls from prison which are all taped. By mistake, they gave him is co-defendant who had turned to be a “rat” I listened to the tape where the prosecutor was telling the rat he needed him to testify against someone else as well. The rat said he did not know that person. The prosecutor replied, “don’t worry, by the time I am done with you, you will know him like he’s your brother.”. The tape was given to Judge Kaplan. He ruled it was irrelevant for that was a different case even though it was the same rat testifying against him. You quickly realize, nothing is real and the press supports the system for they just regurgitate whatever the government tells them.
GiulianiThe system is now just-us. It is a business where fresh lawyers look to make a name for themselves as a road to politics following in the steps of Rudy Guilliani. Prisons are being turned into private entities run for profits and judges have been convicted for sending kids to prison to fill these operations for profit as the prison give kickbacks to the judges This became known as “kids for cash” as judges lined their pockets.
You cannot imagine that the people attracted to this system are far too often the worst possible human beings humanity can turn out. They would do anything to climb the ladder and have absolutely no feeling or guilt whatsoever. EVERY person I have met so far who was a former prosecutor looks at those in the private sector as having something they deserve. It is the same feeling that produces socialism/communism. So when they finally get into the private sector, they are the greediest and most dishonest people I have ever encountered. So far, I have no exception.
This is part of the decline and fall of the United States. When there is no means to defend yourself or your property, the game is over – it is checkmate. Society cannot function when there is no means to address corruption. That is where the United States now stands. There is NO WAY to save the nation with a justice system that is so corrupt. It has become the mirror image of the corruption on Capitol Hill.