Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Please Do Not Poison My Brain With The US Elections!

Update from Judge Anna

Well, Let’s See…..
What has Judge Anna been up to the last few days?
Besides lecturing, teaching, writing institutional framework documents, analyzing new forms of currency and barter platforms, reforming the Federal Postal District Courts, preparing the international criminal complaints against the FBI in the wrongful death of LaVoy Finicum, negotiating with leaders of the Bar Associations for stand-downs and cooperation with prosecution of those responsible for the false claims that have been made against American assets, collection of American assets that have been purloined, placement of international liens, collection of international liens, setting up informational resources for peacekeeping and law enforcement officers, setting up more informational resources for local organizers to restore their local county and state governments owed to the land jurisdiction of this country, exposure of commercial mercenary armies operating on our soil under color of law disguised as trademarked government agencies–FBI, BLM, and so on, that have been acquired by buy-outs and mergers of older governmental services organizations, assisting in the release of Americans detained in federal prisons, demanding correction of political status and the establishment of orderly protocols and agreed upon procedures to accomplish this without further delay or obfuscation, the end of “14th Amendment” citizenship presumptions, repudiation of the so-called “National Debt” and so much, much more….. not much.



GCNYNF-D 2-10-2016

Gold looking into February 11th

Gold closed higher today suggesting that we should press higher probably into Friday. Our opening pivot point in 1207.57 which is still well above the closing [...]
Market-Talk (1)__1454353396_72.94.249.194

Market Talk – February 10th, 2016

The Nikkei was again under pressure with the Index closing down 2.4% with financial leading the pack. Shares in Mitsui, SMFG and Mitsubishi UFJ were all down [...]

Iran Tries to Kill Petro-Dollars But They Know Not What They Do

Iran has begun to sell oil, but in euros. They think this is some sort of blow to the USA, but in fact, they are taking on the currency risk of the euro. This could [...]

The Real Implications of Forecasting Are More Profound Than you Think

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I attended the Berlin Conference and I must say, you told us to expect a move between the Benchmarks in gold, and that the first quarter [...]

Rising Systemic Risk for All Markets

We are on the precipice of what can only be described as a rising systemic risk for all markets. The Fed is now hinting that banks should prepare for NEGATIVE [...]
Housing Property Real Estate

Real Estate in Real Terms

QUESTION: Dear Marty, When talking about negative interest rates and a shift of cash from banks to the stock market from 2017, would that not mean that cash may [...]
Deutsche Bank-M$

European Banking Crisis

European banks are in a real crisis. They have been decimated by fines and trading after they tried to mimic their New York competition without the same expertise. [...]

Opening Pivot Points for Tomorrow

Our opening pivot point tomorrow in gold will be 1217.30. This came down slightly from 1220, but it still reflects where the resistance would stand. In the Dow, it [...]
GCNYNF-D 2-8-2016


Everything has moved to the extreme, which we will discuss tomorrow. In gold, our opening pivot point for today jumped to 1220.73. That meant an opening below [...]

Market Talk – February 9, 2016

Overnight, we saw one of the largest declines in a long time when the Nikkei closed down 5.4%. Exporters (Toyota, Nissan, Sony) were all off around 6.5%. The 10yr [...]
Bubble-Gum Machine

The Total Incompetence of Career Politicians

Someone really needs to do a study on people who seem to want to rule the world yet have absolutely no clue what they are doing, which is really 98% of all [...]
2016-Onward R

The World View

The year 2015 was 13 years up from the 2002 low in the stock market following the DOT.COM bubble. That low was rather significant for many markets have yet to [...]

Clinton, Petraeus, Snowden and Manning: The Tail of the Two Americas

The U.S. government does not hesitate to imprison those who leak its secrets – unless they are Hillary Clinton or some other Big Shot. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have won the presidential primaries in New Hampshire

February 09, 2016

The New York Times »

Breaking News Alert

February 09, 2016

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have won the presidential primaries in New Hampshire, The A.P. says

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 8:04 PM EST

Donald J. Trump claimed victory in New Hampshire’s Republican primary on Tuesday, according to The Associated Press, recovering from a humbling second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses to take a state where he led in the polls for months.
Senator Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary, according to A.P., defeating Hillary Clinton in a state where he has long held an advantage.
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Suicide Epidemic: Why Does The Number Of People Killing Themselves Just Keep Going Up?

Did you know that more Americans now die from suicide than are killed in car crashes each year?  According to the CDC, there has been a substantial spike in suicide deaths in the United States in recent years.  Today, approximately 9.3 million Americans admit to having suicidal thoughts, and approximately 2.7 million Americans each year actually make a plan for how they would commit suicide. 

Economics Professor: Negative Interest Rates Aimed at Driving Small Banks Out of Business and Eliminating Cash

Is Zika Virus The Next Tool For Forced Sterilization, Vaccination And Depopulation?

There is a new pathogen getting lots of attention from the mass media and the rest of the control system, and those awakened to the globalist plans may want to pay very close attention. It isn’t quite the Ebola-style scare, but it brings with it a much more focused and sinister agenda, and it’s already underway in 2016. It’s called the Zika virus scare.
In perfect timing with the current attempted rise of the new world order we’ve been witnessing over the past several months, the Zika virus scare agenda is focused on fulfilling the global elite’s depopulation agenda as we’ll see in a minute. But first let’s consider some of the history of the depopulation agenda itself.

Goldman Capitulates: Closes Out 5 Of Its 6 Top Trades For 2016 With A Loss

Just 40 full days into 2016, not only has Goldman been closed out on its Top Trade for 2016, namely being long the USD vs both the Yen and the Euro, but virtually all of its other trades: according to a just released update, Goldman has just been stopped out - with a loss - on 5 of its 6 top trades for 2016.


GCNYNF-W 2-8-2016

Gold & the Rally

DJIND-W 2-8-2016

The Dow – Down & Dirty?