Monday, July 21, 2014


The Energy Hidden Agenda?

We are getting info from reliable sources that there may be another layer to the USA v Russian conflict. Just as the entire Syrian agenda was to arm terrorists to topple the Syrian government in order to push through a pipeline to cut off the energy monopoly in Europe held by Russia, we may be actually seeing another motive here. The projections of fracking technology that the USA will become a net exporter of energy has set the stage for another perhaps covert move – sanctions against Russia to open the European market for energy. In this new war of words and sanctions against Russia, it is the Americans who seem to be marching either totally brain-dead, or with another energy secret agenda. This very will may be all about one thing -:taking the Russian energy market from them. To turn off Russia as a competitor, the Russian president is to be internationally isolated. The shooting down of flight MH17 is playing into this agenda and comes precisely at the right moment to aid the U.S. strategy on energy. We will keep you advised on this matter.

Global Warming Crowd Now Argue It is Cycles That Mask the Warming Trend?


The Global Warming crowd is now desperately trying to counter-act the data that says they are quite frankly about as credible as the old Y2K crowd back in 2000. The data have clearly shown that they have lied, manipulated, and outright carried out a major fraud upon society. They argue that man has altered the entire planet in just a few decades which is like focusing on a 7 day reaction in a bear market and declaring it’s really a bull market. The theory is totally unsound simply from a realistic research perspective.
The fact that surface temperatures have not warmed over the past 17 years showing that their climate models are unreliable, is now amazingly being refuted with quick new research led by James Risbey. In just a matter of weeks, he is leading the charge demonstrating his clearly predisposed bias. Risbey now excuses their nonsense of models that have overestimated global warming with a slapped together study published in Nature Climate Change asserting that their models actually generate good estimates of recent and past trends provided they also took into account natural variability known as El Nino-La Nina phases in the Pacific. OOPS! Cycles?
It is just amazing how these people are so sold on claiming millions of years can be altered in just a few decades like a 7 day rally in the middle of the Great Depression. Risbey is clueless obviously that cycles exist or how they function and claiming that the oceans are absorbing the heat so we do not feel it is clever. Effective he states he would be right but for El Nino-La Mina phases. OMG – is this cycles? He actually states: “You’re always going to get periods when the warming slows down or speeds up relative to the mean rate because we have these strong natural cycles”.
So lets see, there are roughly 30-year cycles (Pi cycle 31.4 years) whereby the Pacific alternates between periods of more frequent El Ninos – when the ocean gives back heat to the atmosphere – to La Ninas, when it acts as a massive heat sink, setting in train relatively cool periods for surface temperatures. This has been taking place before the Industrial Revolution. Violent storms were far worse at the bottom on the 300 year cycle in the energy output of the sun in the 18th century.
The record of the biggest hurricane seasons in the Atlantic since the start of the 20th century reveals only a cycle, not a progressive trend escalating that builds like a bull market.
By selecting climate models in phase with natural variability, Risbey is desperately trying to argue the global warming core trend is correct. Quite frankly, a few decades does not cut it. In market forecasting, this is no different from following Black–Scholes model that led to the Long-Term Capital Management collapse in 1998 when Genius Failed because they tested the model with data only back to 1971.
Even looking at the historical record of storms, none of the worst even took place during the 20th century.
Gulf of Mexico15901,000
Straits of Florida16221090
Cuba and Florida16441500
Bahamas17151,000 – 2,500
Havana176843 – 1,000
NewfoundlandAugust 29 – September 9, 1775North Carolina, Virginia, Newfoundland4,000 – 4,163
Pointe-à-Pitre Bay17766,000+
San CalixtoOctober 9–20, 1780Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Bermuda27,501+
Gulf of Mexico17802,000
Jamaica and Cuba178042 – 1,090
Central Atlantic17823,000+
“Cuba” Hurricane179130 – 3,000
Caribbean1824372 – 1,300+
Barbados–LouisianaAugust 10–17, 1831Barbados, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Louisiana1,500 – 2,500
Risbey stated: “The climate is simply variable on short time scales but that variability is superimposed on an unmistakable long-term warming trend.”
Risbey claims that the skeptics have lately relied on a naturally cool phase of the global cycle to fan doubts about climate change, the fact temperature records continue to fall even during a La-Nina dominated period is notable. Yet his argument reveals his own mistake – HELLO THERE ARE CYCLES. He boldly states that the temperature rising from the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere “is beginning to overwhelm the natural variability on even shorter decadal time scales”. Quite frankly, he lacks any historical evidence long-term to support any such conclusion. As long as people like this put out bogus research, they have a job. Without global warming theory, sorry, they need to find something else to scare people with to get a pay check for shallow research.
As long as this type of bogus research unfolds, government can justify taxing energy.

Snowden Advocates Anti-NSA Technology

Edward Snowden addressed the hacking conference in NYC known as HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) to focus development of easy-to-use technologies to subvert government surveillance programs around the globe. He is advocating technology that would allow people to communicate anonymously and encrypt their messages. You can bet the NSA would love to have him assassinated for they cannot grasp that what they have done is to turn the USA into the evil empire in the minds of non-Americans. This is precisely why Athens fell because they became arrogant and authoritative toward their allies. Just reverse the role. How would the Americans react if all of their personal phone calls, emails, and Google searches were being collected by Russia and the US was powerless to stop it. What goes around – comes around.

Key Piece of Video “Evidence” for Russian Responsibility for Malaysian Plane Shootdown Debunked

Paul Craig Roberts: Guilt By Insinuation

How American propaganda works.

Ukraine Rebels to Hand Over Downed Plane’s Data Recorders to Malaysia

BREAKING NEWSMonday, July 21, 2014 1:12 PM EDT
Ukraine Rebels to Hand Over Downed Plane’s Data Recorders to Malaysia, Its Prime Minister Says
After days of obstruction, Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine permitted Dutch forensics experts on Monday to search the wreckage of the downed Malaysia Airlines jetliner destroyed by a surface-to-air missile, allowed bodies of the victims to be evacuated by train and agreed to give the plane’s flight recorder boxes to the Malaysia government.
Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia, in a live broadcast early Tuesday in Kuala Lumpur, said his government had reached an agreement with the Ukrainian separatists to gain control of the bodies, which were to be sent to the Netherlands, and the so-called black boxes recovered from the crash site.
Mr. Razak said the boxes were to be handed over to Malaysian representatives in Donetsk.


People Are Mobilizing to Finally Put an End to the Disastrous U.S. Empire

The historian who chronicles US Empire, William Blum, issued his 130th Anti-Empire Report this week. In it he notes that the US, by far, is seen by the people of the world as “the greatest threat to peace in the world today” with 24% taking that view. Only 2% see Russia as such a threat, and 6% see China.
This should not come as a surprise since, as this map shows, much of the world has been bombed, had their democratically chosen government overthrown and has been occupied by the United States. Blum follows these interventions closely and has reported that since the end of World War II, the United States has:
It seems the people of the world are factually correct when they label the United States the greatest threat to peace in the world.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ron Paul: What the Media Won’t Report About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17's very difficult to get accurate information so everybody engages in propaganda. At this point it would be unwise to say the Russians did it, the Ukrainian government did it, or the rebels did it. Is it so hard to simply demand a real investigation?

64 public figures, 7 Nobel laureates, call for arms embargo on Israel

Tutu, Chomsky, Waters, Pappe, others accuse country of 'war crimes and possible crimes against humanity.'


Turning Point Coming Up

DJIND-D 7-19-2014
The interplay of the War Cycle and the ECM is really getting interesting. We can see some wild swings ahead. This volatility will start next week and gradually build up into what appears to be a major focal point come November. The technical Breakout Channel on the Daily Chart is warning that breaking beneath that channel on a closing basis will warn of a possible near-term correction.
DJIND-W 7-14-2014

The major technical support lies at the 16254 level with initial technical support at the 16828 level. Watch the Bearish Reversals closely.
DJFOR-W 7-14-2014
Because of the importance of all of this and the success in the live stream technology for the Cycle’s of War Conference, we may try another streaming event on markets in September. This is starting to look really crazy and as quiet as the markets were for the first half of 2014, they look like they will be much more volatile the second half