Friday, July 21, 2017

KARL DENNINGER: Well Well, Look What We Have Here...

"The ObamaCare reform fiasco looks like a tipping point toward a strain of toxic political paralysis that might literally kill the government as we’ve known it. Over the many months of debate, congress never even got around to raising the salient issue: that the 18-or-so-percent of the economy “health care” represents consists largely of outright racketeering."
Oh, and I believe it's now up to 19% and change, soon be 20.

And somewhere not far from there the entire mess comes apart.

3+% real GDP expansion cannot be achieved when one dollar in five is literally stolen for an alleged "service" that is worthless at best and kills you at worst.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

New Technology Development Is Poised to Change the Face of Supply Logistics

Trump Cannot Improve Relations With Russia When Trump’s Government and the US Media Oppose Improved Relations

Ever more official lies from the US government

The Reign of Propaganda



Euro Rally

Once the Euro closed above the Weekly Bullish Reversal last week, we have rallied strongly simply on comments from Draghi that a strong Euro is good. It is hard to [...]
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Paris Climate Accord = Junk Science

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I read a piece on the Paris Climate agreement that said climate experts now warn that an increase of more than 2 degrees Celsius could [...]
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Sun Activity Has Collapsed to the Lowest in 9,300 years

THE sun is the source of all our warmth. Without it, we would not exist.  Like everything else, it is cyclical in nature. The term “lunatic” referred [...]
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Why Global Warming is Good

  One of my greatest concerns with all this Global Warming nonsense is that nobody seems to ever plot weather against the rise and fall of civilization. When [...]
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Market Talk- July 19th, 2017

  A healthy close for Asia in todays trading after the uncertainty seen from a mixed US session. The large cap DOW recovery helped but it was the broader S+P [...]
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The Euro Seminar This Weekend July 22nd Frankfurt

This Euro Seminar is being held specially for our European clientele since we did not hold a WEC in Europe since 2015. We will be focusing on the real analysis [...]
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The Unconstitutionality of the Income Tax the Supreme Court Ignores

QUESTION: I read that the income tax violates the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. It seems logical on the surface, but nobody has gotten away with that [...]
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Judges Changing Transcripts in Federal Court Manhattan

A lot of people have in inquiring about changing transcripts by judges in federal court in Manhattan. Some have reported it is taking place in other courts now. [...]
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Italy Threatens to Blow Up the Refugee Crisis

If you are against the refugees, many will call you a racist even though the refugees are not of a single race. The problem is they are economic migrants – [...]
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

GLENN GREENWALD: With New D.C. Policy Group, Dems Continue to Rehabilitate and Unify With Bush-Era Neocons

Behold, A Pale Horse: Its Rider Is Named Neocon And Hell Follows Him

Israel Pushes Trump to Wider Wars



Market Talk- July 18th, 2017

It was US news again that drove market direction for Asia after we heard late in the US time zone that two additional Republican’s opposed the healthcare [...]
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Navigating the Business Cycle = Prosperity

The key to the future is understanding (1) the past and (2) how everything functions. Sure there is a risk of a Dark Age after 2032. Hopefully, we can learn from [...]
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The Rising Youth & Civil Unrest

Here is a picture taken from a reader in Hamburg. The degree of violence rising in Europe and in the United States post-Trump election, have been organizing the [...]
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Trump Jr & the Russian Meeting

A lot of people have picked up on the mention of the Magnitsky Act is Donald Trump, Jr. statement of a meeting with a Russian woman. Trump Jr., said the meeting [...]
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Angry Mom Accidentally Texts 35-Year-Old Guy Instead Of Her Daughter, And Things Escalate Quickly

When someone at the office is way too protective of their milk

It's not even a full carton!

Twitter Account Giving Everyday Items Their Correct Name Is Absolutely Genius


Monday, July 17, 2017

Pentagon Study Declares American Empire Is ‘Collapsing’
Report demands massive expansion of military-industrial complex to maintain global ‘access to resources’

By Nafeez Ahmed

We report on stunning new evidence that the U.S. Department of Defense is waking up to the collapse of American primacy, and the rapid unraveling of the international order created by U.S. power after the Second World War.

But the Pentagon’s emerging vision of what comes next hardly inspires confidence. We breakdown both the insights and cognitive flaws in this vision. In future pieces we will ask the questions: What is really driving the end of the American empire? And based on that more accurate diagnosis of the problem, what is the real solution?


"Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards." Aldous Huxley

 "Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe." - H.G. Wells, The Outline of History

 "You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it." - Malcolm X (U.S. civil rights activist, 1925-1965)

Russians Chinese and Americans plan massive campaign to flush secret Khazarian government into the open



Market Talk- July 17th, 2017

The better than expected GDP release we saw from China was unfortunately, only a positive influence for a short period, then profit taking and summer liquidity took [...]
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How Privacy Became a Commodity for the Rich and Powerful

Sunday, July 16, 2017



Artificial Intelligence & the Future

A number of people have asked about Elon Musk’s reference to us already being cyborgs and the possibility of humans being transformed into house cats [...]
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The Dow Outlook

We are getting close to unleashing Socrates. The hold up has been in the delivery rather than in the analysis. We have had some problem with pushing the results up [...]
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Understanding Time & the Kondratieff Wave

QUESTION: Dear Martin,   I am an reader of your blog and attendee of some of your conferences. I am quite impressed about the timing of your forecasting [...]
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Private Blog – Euro

Private Blog – The [...]
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How High Can the Euro Go on this Reaction – 116 or 125-128?

This upcoming seminar in Frankfurt Germany will deal with both the short-term and long-term. This has been the Year from Political Hell, and it will not end until [...]
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Animal Rights Activists Yell About “Insulting” to Cows

  It is one thing to defend animals against physical abuse be it dogs, cats, or even cows. By the activist Len Goldberg targeting Toronto’s island [...]
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French Riots Erupt in 20 cities

The riots is France have been forming for the last two weeks and have now erupted violently with protesters carrying banners that read “Break Destroy [...]
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USER AGREEMENT (nobody ever reads them)

Witness Due to Testify Against The Clinton Foundation Found Dead Read more at: © Neon Nettle

America's Dark History Of Lying To Go To War...

Escaping The Matrix


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Picture of the Day

Too Much Exceptionalism Hath Made the US Elites Mad

What kind of person really wants to see relations between the world's biggest nuclear armed countries deteriorate? Who wants to see the situation between the US and Russia, which has become at least as dangerous as the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, get even worse? Or to put it another way, who would not welcome a genuine dialogue between the leaders of these two great countries? The answer to these questions is of course those who have completely lost their ability to reason.

Old Lady Road Rage Revenge

Friday, July 14, 2017

“Someone Would Have Talked”

The Non-Issue of Trump Jr.’s Emails



Get Ready for the Phoenix – The Reality of a One World Currency

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Are you aware of the 1988 Economist article predicting that in 30 years from then we would all be using the same currency?  That is [...]
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They Want to Put Nano-Chips into Currency So they can track every note

Believe it or not, Australia has a Black Economy Taskforce that hunts down citizens in every possible way. They look at where they send their kids to school and [...]
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Are We Mushrooms being fed Mountains of Manure by Bureaucrats?

  Government bureaucrats connive ways to gain power as they treat the people like mushrooms — they keep  us in the dark and feed us mountains manure [...]
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Market Talk – July 14th, 2017

The second day of Chair Janet Yellen’s address and the Asian markets liked what it heard. Although, Chair Yellen did remark that attaining a 3% growth target [...]
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True AI and Fake Neural Net Forecasting Programs

QUESTION: Hello Marty, just came across an interesting project called Numerai with the ambitious goal of creating a hedge fund to manage ALL the money in world(!) [...]
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The Break-in Not a Threat

QUESTION: Good night, Mr. Armstrong: I hope you are well and enjoying your front-beach house in the Sunshine State. I read your blog every day, since 2011. I ask [...]
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The Dow & the Future

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I am fascinated by what you have accomplished in this model. You mentioned in your post about the Orlando conference a slingshot and phase [...]
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Happy Bastille Day to Our French Readers

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Market Talk- July 13th, 2017

Reflected in Wednesdays late US futures trading Asian indices responded with a strong opening theme. China’s Shanghai found additional support from the Trade data [...]
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CHECK OUT EACH OF THESE SPY TOOLS (from following article)

Previous Vault 7 CIA Leaks

Last week, WikiLeaks dumped a classified CIA project that allowed the spying agency to hack and remotely spy on PCs running the Linux operating systems.

Dubbed OutlawCountry, the project lets the CIA hackers redirect all outbound network traffic on the targeted machine to CIA controlled computer systems for exfiltrate and infiltrate data.

Since March, the whistleblowing group has published 15 batches of "Vault 7" series, which includes the latest and last week leaks, along with the following batches:

  • ELSA – the alleged CIA malware that tracks geo-location of targeted PCs and laptops running the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Brutal Kangaroo – A tool suite for Microsoft Windows used by the agency to targets closed networks or air-gapped computer systems within an organization or enterprise without requiring any direct access.
  • Cherry Blossom – An agency's framework, basically a remotely controllable firmware-based implant, used for spying on the Internet activity of the targeted systems by exploiting flaws in WiFi devices.
  • Pandemic – The agency's project that let it turn Windows file servers into covert attack machines that can silently infect other computers of interest inside a targeted network.
  • Athena – A spyware framework that has been designed by CIA to take full control over the infected Windows machines remotely, and works against every version of Windows OS, from Windows XP to Windows 10.
  • AfterMidnight and Assassin – Two alleged CIA malware frameworks for the Microsoft Windows platform that has been designed to monitor actions on the infected remote host computer and execute malicious actions.
  • Archimedes – Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack tool allegedly created by the CIA to target computers inside a Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Scribbles – Software allegedly designed to embed 'web beacons' into confidential documents, allowing the spying agency to track insiders and whistleblowers.
  • Grasshopper – Framework which allowed the agency to easily create custom malware for breaking into Microsoft's Windows and bypassing antivirus protection.
  • Marble – Source code of a secret anti-forensic framework used by the agency to hide the actual source of its malware.
  • Dark Matter – Hacking exploits the agency designed to target iPhones and Macs.
  • Weeping Angel – Spying tool used by the agency to infiltrate smart TV's, transforming them into covert microphones.
  • Year Zero – Alleged CIA hacking exploits for popular hardware and software.

Wikileaks Unveils CIA Implants that Steal SSH Credentials from Windows & Linux PCs

IRS Shuts Down Mom And Pop Dressmaker, Sells Dresses Within Hours

Fukushima’s radioactive water to be released into ocean under new plan

Trump Donor Who Tried To Obtain Hillary Clinton’s Hacked Emails Found Dead

CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11’

 Note -  Please read the comments below, which indicate that the author of this article has a dubious history of "False News"


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Saudi Arabia: What's Really Behind Trump's Hypocrisy?

The True Cost of Capitalism

The Gold Industry is in a Deep State of Dysfunction, Delusion and Denial

Stewart Dougherty is back with scathing commentary about the big mining companies – Barrick, Newmont, Goldcorp, etc – and their unwillingness to fight the obvious intervention in the gold and silver markets by western Central Banks and Governments.
While the Fed and other Deep State puppets have floated subtle memes that there is a noble purpose behind the control of gold, such as to support the dollar and preserve confidence in their (disintegrating) financial and monetary system, these are nothing but contrived and coagulated lies designed to cover up the biggest financial crime in history. – Stewart Dougherty

MSM, Still Living in Propaganda-ville

 The stakes in U.S.-Russia relations could not be higher – possible nuclear conflagration and the end of civilization – but the U.S. mainstream media is still slouching around in “propaganda-ville,”

Tear Gas, Guns and Riot Squads: The Police State’s Answer to Free Speech Is Brute Force

Looting Has Replaced Production As The Main Source Of Wealth

Mid-2017 US status: Trump joins War Criminals invading Syria, threatening Iran, pushing WW3. ‘We the People’s’ choice: basic integrity for .01% arrests, or surrender Earth to evil empire



Illinois Should Just Be Dissolved as the Solution

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune has come out with a blunt article, yet it is the only possible solution since the government is effectively just bankrupt with no [...]
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Germany Begins to Censor the Internet

Merkel’s attempt to silence any internet site that disagrees with her government seems to be the resurrection of the idea of East Germany where she grew up. [...]
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City of Seattle Runs Out of Things to Tax – Now Wants to Impose Income Tax

The Seattle City Council has run out of things to tax so they have unanimously voted to impose an income tax upon the “rich”, and of course we all know [...]
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Private Blog – Euro

Private Blog – Euro [...]
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Private Blog – Canadian Dollar

Private Blog – Canadian [...]
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017



China & The Rule of Law

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I read your analysis of Country Risk. It was truly fascinating. You are correct. We do not consider investing in Syria or Iran no less [...]
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There is Now Enough Evidence to Indict Comey or Snowden Should be Pardoned

Comey is as guilty as Hillary for treating government work product including top secret information as personal. Comey, just like Hillary, claimed the memos were [...]
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The Destruction of Hamburg is Massive

The destruction of Hamburg has been massive. There is much going on behind the scenes politically with the focus now on intensely monitoring and censorship to be [...]
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Market Talk- July 11th, 2017

Another encouraging session for Asia as the confidence continues, at least until we see something to the contrary later in the week. Many are referencing the bond [...]
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The Survival of the People Always Depends Upon the Army

The Reuters Editor’s Choice picture demonstrates what I have been saying about revolution. When the army defends the corruption of politicians, there will be [...]
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We have not yet broken gold for all the people writing in. So far we have elected three Weekly Bearish Reversals from the July 2016 high in gold and three Monthly [...]
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Catalonia to Move to Referendum October 1st to Break From Spain

The Spanish region of Catalonia is preparing to hold a second referendum on separating from of Spain on October 1st, despite warnings from Madrid. Naturally, the EU [...]
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The Pension Crisis – & – The Crash & Burn

QUESTION:  Hi Marty – Question: You have blogged about the pension crisis and how Illinois and California on the brink of bankruptcy. Does this mean that [...]
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France Agrees to Pay All Costs for Turkey to Sign Paris Climate Accord

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he would not ratify the Paris Climate Accord unless Europe paid all costs to Turkey. France agreed to pay Turkey [...]
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Market Talk- July 10th, 2017

We start the week with mixed session from Asia as Chinese reserve data showed small increase and the general trend of acceptance for Chinese 5% growth. The Japanese [...]
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This linguist studied the way Trump speaks for two years. Here’s what she found.

Impeachment of President Trump Now Much More Likely


Interview with a One-Year-Old

Male Pregnancy ...HILARIOUS!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Trump Cannot Improve Relations With Russia When Trump’s Government and the US Media Oppose Improved Relations



Germany Pensions System Crisis

The German publication DWN has come out and warned that the German Pensions system is collapsing. They wrote: The core problem of the German economy and society is [...]
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Merkel’s Failed G20 Summit

Merkel chaired the G20 summit and she completely and utterly failed to lead G20 to a successful conclusion. Well of course, Merkel lost control of the streets of [...]
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German Secretary Economics Warns Low Interest Rates Have Failed

The German Secretary General of the Economic Council of the CDU, Wolfgang Steiger,  has highlighted the growing economic crisis in Europe. The negative interest [...]
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G20 Hamburg Protest was Closer to the Start of Civil War

  There is a rumor going around that the extreme violent protests in Hamburg, which resembled a Civil War, were funded allegedly  by Soros. It is just a [...]
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Putin Meets Trump in Hamburg

The American press of course want to paint Russia as evil and they would start world war three just to sell more newspapers. Not since the Spanish American War has [...]
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Austria Using Troops to Stop Refugee Migration

The vast wave of economic migrants claiming to be refugees that include many countries, not simply Syria, is tearing Europe apart. These people are given everything [...]
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Sweden Cancelled Concert in 2018 Because of Rapes and Sexual Assaults

Sweden’s Bråvalla music festival for 2018 has been cancelled because of sex attacks by refugees. The Bråvalla Festival began back in 2013 and became the [...]
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Market Talk- July 7th, 2017

Following on from the weak US session, Asia tended to drift in sympathy. Ahead of the US NFP’s it was always going to be light volume but with G20 also just [...]
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Our Office was Broken Into on July 3rd

Just for the record, our office was broken into over the holiday. Sorry, they did not get anything. By no means do we keep Socrates in a public location and [...]
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G20 Leftist Protesters Turning Violent

The left is engaging in violent protests at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. Both the police and G20 opponents were mutually responsible for the escalation of [...]
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