Thursday, March 5, 2015

Record Numbers Renounce U.S. Citizenship — Here’s One Alternative

Peter Schiff on Renouncing US Citizenship

Paul Craig Roberts: Crazed Washington Drives the World to the Final War

4 Important Tips for Growing Your Own Superfoods

Why are Phytonutrients so Important?

Most phytonutrients are powerful antioxidants. These help protect us from tiny particles called “free radicals.”
Too many free radicals can turn a normal cell into a cancerous cell, promote chronic inflammation, contribute to the blockage of our arteries, or destroy vital neurons in the brain.
Phytonutrients do more than fight free-radicals, though. In a 2009 test-tube study published in the European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the phytonutrient quercetin, which is present in apples and onions, killed a flu virus more effectively than the prescription drug Tamiflu.
Another phytonutrient, lycopene, found in tomatoes, improves male fertility according to the International Urology and Nephrology.
Phytonutrients come in many forms – from catechins in green tea leaves to flavanols in the cacao bean from which we get dark chocolate – and they all have life-saving or life-enhancing properties.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS: How American “Free Enterprise Capitalism” rips us all off.

Under Geo. W. Bush and Obama US corporate taxes are lower than Reagan was willing to accept. Yet Cisco’s CEO thinks US taxes are too high.
The American Capitalists are telling their vassals in Washington that they won’t bring the money home unless taxes are lowered. In other words, corporations want zero taxation just like the banks.
Don’t expect too many reports like this from Bloomberg.

How the DOJ Reforms a Police Department Like Ferguson

NFIB Chief Economist Warns "Bubble In US Net Worth Has Reached Unsustainable Heights"

"The relationship of U.S. net worth to GDP appears to have reached unsustainable heights," warns NFIB Chief Economist William Dunkelberg, adding that a massive decline in the value of assets is "more likely" than a massive increase in GDP. Logically this seems unavoidable, unless you believe that we are truly wealthier now, even with an economy that is delivering a rather poor performance (historically weak output and sales growth) in real terms. It would seem not to be 'whether' we will adjust but when.

Nobel Peace Prize Chief Quits, Asks Obama to Return Peace Prize — 1/10th Joke

Perhaps nothing in the history of the Nobel Peace Prize has embarrassed that Committee as much as the premature granting of this Prize to the man who is increasingly viewed around the world as George W. Bush II.

How's That Deflation Working Out For You?

The BLS put out their monthly CPI lie last week. They issued the proclamation that inflation is dead. Did you know your costs are 0.1% lower than they were one year ago. They then used these deflation numbers to proclaim your real wages soared last month. It’s all good. The American consumer is so flush with cash, they decided to spend less money for the second month in a row. The Wall Street shysters are so happy with declining consumer spending, declining corporate profits, and a global recession, they pushed the NASDAQ up to 5,000 for the first time in 15 years.
And now for the BIGGEST LIE in the entire report. The have the balls to tell you that health insurance only makes up 0.753% of your entire annual budget and it has FALLEN by 0.5% in the last year. This must be some cruel Obamacare joke perpetrated by these government apparatchiks. I haven’t met anyone who has seen their health insurance costs go down in the last year. My premiums went up by 20% and my annual family deductible went from $0 to $2,000. How the BLS can get away with issuing this drivel is beyond my comprehension. It’s pure and utter bullshit.

Minnesota aims to fine family farmers $500 per day


CIA Whistleblower face 100 years for Exposing Gov’t Lies

CIA whistleblower, Jeffrey Sterling, now faces up to 100 years in prison and a fine of $2.25 million for blowing the whistle on the CIA planting false evidence of nuclear weapons in Iran. This demonstrates how corrupt the government is. They will start wars for personal gain and lie to the people each and every time. Obama promised he would be honorable and “protect” whistleblowers from prosecution and punishment, Just another crock of bullshit. He is due in court April 24th.

The London Debut of the FORECASTER Movie – Sorry Americans will Not See the Film in USA

Well it is very interesting how the FORECASTER will be shown all around the world. It has appeared to sold-out audiences from Netherlands to Croatia. BUT this United States the land of the free where those in NYC and Washington intimidate others FREELY to get their way to destroy out future. Even distributors from Canada are on board but not a single distributor in the USA will show the film so far. Just astonishing the censorship.
You can see the full schedule as it appears at The Forecaster-Movie.COM. I met with someone from Hollywood. I was told that there is a sort of “self-censorship”in the industry that they are afraid to get behind something the bankers and government do not want the American people to know, read, or see. Even though the film got a good review from Hollywood*, you can count on not a single New York Newspaper will ever say it is worthwhile. The mainstream media is run by the bankers for what major press will ever expose them beyond what is already out there.
The American press in NYC will most DEFINITIVELY tell people NOT to go see the film. For the film to even enter the OSCAR awards consideration, it must be shown 10 times in NYC and 10 times in LA. If not, it will never be eligible for the competition. NO OTHER CITY COUNTS. Obviously, refusing to show the film in NYC will prevent it from ever being considered for any award. It is a shame for all the people behind the film (since it is a documentary I am not eligible for any award at all. It is all about the makers not the participants).
Why should we expect anything different when not ONE New York Newspaper would ever report that Federal Judges change the words spoken in court even with a published appellate decision admitting the practice is “unique” to New York City. I even wrote a letter to the SEC and said let’s just get this over with since you people make up transcripts anyhow, just go ahead and claim I said whatever it is you want. Nothing is real in NYC – it’s all a sham. The total lack of integrity in the mainstream press dominated by NYC threatens the nation as a whole for with all the finger-pointing at Putin, can the USA really pretend to be that different? They say Putin killed his opposition. Well, we also imprison or kill ours and scheme to silence them at every possible moment.
So far, Americans will NOT be allowed to see the film. Just unbelievable! So who do we thank? GS or the Government or is it both in union?
The London screenings of The Forecaster will be at the Bertha DocHouse cinema screen haven’t been officially put on sale quite yet. The film will debut there in London and will be shown several times between March 27th and 1st April.
Tickets will go on sale shortly.

Can the Dow Exceed 18600?

DJIND-D 3-4-2015DJIND-W 3-4-2015DJIND-M 3-4-2015

Can the Dow Exceed 18600 and still fall? Yes. We can see this is a technical target zone. In March on the Monthly level the Uptrend Channel stands at 18773.74. The weekly projection stands at about 18980.45 and on the Daily level the resistance is at about 18582.94. It is really a price zone target with the next just into the 23000-25000 area. Thereafter is where we have the real gap up to the 40000 level. That type of Phase Transition is possible for 2017. We do not have enough TIME left to reach that for the ECM target so that is a good thing for the market, but perhaps an ominous sign for what comes AFTER 2015.75.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


US v Europe – the Divergence

QUESTION: Dear Martin
I hope your well and having a good 2015 thus far.
I don’t know whether you planned it but after your post regarding people trying to pass your work off as their own a funny thing happened.
I was at a luncheon in London with some so called “important” and knowledgeable figures.
The conversation shifted regarding the economy and it took a totally different direction. Usually these people only talk about P/E, Debt to GDP etc etc however this time cycles were mentioned and how everything was revolving around 8+ years, boom and bust!! I have been attending these meetings for over 8 years and not once has a bicycle been mentioned let alone a cycle.
I was speechless and these so called economists started to talk about the EU and the USA. The error they made was they said the USA would rally along with Germany(DAX) into 2017! It was just one day later when you released your post on how the USA may rally into 2017 but Germany(Dax) may top in 2015.75(ecm). I laughed to myself when I read your post as clearly these fools read your blog and then try their very best to somehow pass it off as their own work.
I think that the DAX topping in 2015.75 and the USA markets rally for a further 18 months or so is something that has caught everyone by surprise.
May I ask when in history has their been a case where the US market rallied and the Europe started a deep decline this much earlier. I know from time to time they do not move in symphony but from what your computer is predicting this will be a historical event.
Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this and well done again for all your work. I will be meeting these people again in 3 months and I don’t think I will keep my mouth closed. I may just have to say in front of 20+ people anyone ever heard of “Martin Armstrong.” Thumb sucking moment for these academics I think!!!
I leave you with what I always say to you, “form is temporary, class is permanent!” and you sir definitely have “class.”
ANSWER: There was a moderate advanced decline in European share markets ahead of the USA in 1929. However, sharp divergences appeared prior to World War I. The entire period of 1899-1917 is a chunk of interesting economic and financial history that is rarely told if at any point in time. Look at this chart of US Call Money rates. You will see the historic high was 1899 at virtually 200%.
In Russia, the stock exchange was in St Petersburg, not Moscow. On October 20th, 1899, during the ensuing economic crisis that was engulfing the world, on the initiative of the Minister of Finance S. J. Witte, who was an interventionist, wanted to create a syndicate in order to maintain exchange quotations in the middle of a stock market panic on Russian securities unfolding on the St. Petersburg stock exchange. It included the largest banks and bankers in St Petersburg at that time. These were active participants in the stock market, who then pledged to support the policies of Russian securities market. Simultaneously, the Ministry of Finance asked for the permission of Nicholas II to let the State Bank purchase the securities of joint stock companies for 25 million rubles, and to issue loans to Russian companies for their stocks, shares and bonds directly.
This became the age of syndicates or consortiums to intervene and support markets. They worked periodically on the basis of renewable contracts by mutual agreement whereby losses were charged to the joint-stock banks, and the profit was divided equally among them and the State Bank. Such interventionists scheme became the norm from the Panic of 1899.
The effectiveness of these consortiums or syndicates was clearly visible from the international perspective and later became the mode used by J.P. Morgan to stem the Panic of 1907 upon which the Federal Reserve was modeled. The consortium scheme began in France. It was thanks to such syndication of French financial groups that began in 1887 that the markets people managed to develop and a new age of internationalism was beginning. These French consortiums enabled the buying of Russian securities on the German stock market as many foreign stocks trade on the NYSE today. French Syndicates developed into an everyday occurrence for the Paris Stock Exchange. These groups were used for both:  organization of the subscription for securities in the IPO market of the day, and in support of their markets. The French syndicates were PRIVATE whereas the St Petersburg syndicates involved government and was the birth of government intervention in stock markets.
The Russian syndicates mirror the financial panics in the USA demonstrating that the world has been hard-wired connected for a very long time. The problem has been the lack of international correlation studies. The Panic of 1903 was the Rich Man’s Panic in the USA but it was seen in Russia as well. The Russian syndicate’s actions were minimal during the run up into 1903 which then gave way to intense government intervention in St Petersburg, whic h continued into the 1904-1906 period. The Russian syndicate spent more than 14 million rubles on this operation alone of which 9 million rubles was spent in 1905. When in 1906 and early 1907 the situation on the stock exchange began to normalize the sums were covered by the sale of the shares. Hence, the Russian syndicates sold into the rallies moving into 1907.
With the Panic of 1907, the Russian syndicates had to respond to the crisis
of 1908 purchasing 4.8 million rubles in shares. Overall, the Russian syndicates were actually profitable. This was totally astonishing for their goal was to stabilize the stock market buying dips and selling highs. They actually did a good job at following the business cycle. However, the Russian syndicate finished its work on April 26th, 1911 and produced a profit of 659,000 rubles. The Russian syndicate became known as the “exchange red cross”.
In November-December 1912, a new crisis was emerging – the eventual treat of war. The St Petersburg exchange declined sharply due to military events in the Balkans. By November 29, 1912, the mood swung back as confidence had been built up by the syndicate and others began stepping up to the plate. The Russian syndicate with the State Bank kept resurfacing and would reappear then disband. They had become the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange’ steady client. The operations were resumed in June 1913 and ended on September 13 the same year. They lasted the next year, until the closing 16th of July 1914 on the eve of World War I. The contemporary critics blamed the Russian syndicate and the State Bank for effectively their losses due to World War I. They had been doing a good job until that period.
DJ1900-1920-M WWI

The divergence was rather significant. They closed the US stock market in July 1914 at the start of the war assuming stocks would collapse. They were under pressure to open the market and you can see there was the initial panic selling that formed the low. The US share market rallied from there on during the war. Capital fled to the USA and this created the huge divergence.
If we see the DAX form a high here in 2015 and it FAILS to press higher following the USA, this would be indicative of war. This is my concern given our Energy Model showing a spike high in the DAX but not the USA. Much of the financial history has been lost. For whatever reason, little has been saved and one is forced into contemporary accounts.

LAPD Commit Act Of Blatant Murder

The Los Angeles Police are a proven gang of murderers. The group that murdered the person in front of the Rescue Mission might have been one of the new privatized police units with the task of clearing poor people out of their neighborhoods so that real estate developers can gentrify the areas.

Sunday’s shooting is part of a surge in police violence throughout the United States, which is itself a direct response to deepening social tensions arising from the growth of social inequality. According to, law enforcement agencies in the United States have killed over 175 people already this year, a rate of about three people a day. In contrast, no police officers have been killed by criminal suspects so far in 2015.

The Untouchables: Government Employee Can't Be Fired Despite Watching 6 Hours Of Porn A Day At Work

At the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), red tape is preventing the removal of a top level employee accused of viewing porn two to six hours a day while at work, since 2010. Even though investigatorsfound 7,000 pornographic files on his computer and even caught him watching porn, he remains on the payroll.

In "Unprecedented Move" Nobel Peace Prize Chairman Demoted For Decision To Give Obama 2009 Award

In "an unprecedented move", the controversial head of Norway's Nobel Peace Prize committee was removed Tuesday and demoted to the rank of mere member.  Thorbjoern Jagland, a former Norwegian premier, drew criticism after becoming committee chairman in 2009 for awarding the prestigious Nobel to newly elected US President Barack Obama. He will be replaced by current Deputy Chair Kaci Kullmann Five.

Private Police: Mercenaries for the American Police State

Innocent Disabled Vietnam Veteran Set Up for Life Imprisonment by Corrupt Louisiana Cops and Prosecutors

Hep B and HPV Vaccines Producing an Extraordinary Number of Deaths

House Approves Year’s Funding for Homeland Security

BREAKING NEWSTuesday, March 3, 2015 3:19 PM EST
House Approves Year’s Funding for Homeland Security
The House on Tuesday passed a bill that would fund the Department of Homeland Security for the rest of the fiscal year, averting a partial shutdown of the agency after weeks of uncertainty, but inflaming conservative lawmakers.
The legislation passed, 257 to 167, with only 75 Republican votes, and it now heads to President Obama’s desk, where he is expected to sign it.
In the vote on Tuesday — an abrupt reversal of position by House Republicans — what started as an uprising by conservative lawmakers ended largely in a resigned whimper, with Speaker John A. Boehner pushing through a “clean” spending bill over the objections of his more hard-line members, who had hoped to use the measure to fight what they say are Mr. Obama’s unconstitutional executive actions on immigration.