Wednesday, January 17, 2018



China Credit Rating Agency Downgrade USA

The Chinese rating agency Dagong downgraded the US creditworthiness over the tax reform. What is really a total joke is why anyone bothers to rank any government [...]
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Euro – Capital Flows or Speculation?

QUESTION: Is the euro really going up on capital inflows or speculation leverage? ANSWER: We are not picking up any real net capital outflows from the USA [...]
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The Precision of Markets is Beyond Belief – But It is Why The Majority is Always Wrong

COMMENT: Marty; I really do not know how anyone cannot recognize what you have discovered. The euro began its breakout precisely on your target of the ECM on [...]
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To Trade anything You Must Understand What is Happening

QUESTION: Martin, I took your advice back in November about a potential January DJ high and it has paid off for me well. I am a small-time personal investor and am [...]
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Market Talk- January 16, 2018

Asia started today’s broad stock market rally as from the opening bell all core moved from strength to strength. Both the Hang Seng and Shanghai adding +0.8% [...]
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Is Climate Change a Tool to Eliminate Democracy?

COMMENT: Your view on denying climate change is supporting the capitalist model. This shows you have no credibility. OD REPLY: Climate is changing and it is part of [...]
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60% of Japanese Girls Are Not Dating & Are Younger Girls Looking for Older Men a Return of the Cycle?

Culture is changing and much seems to be reverting back to the way it was before Socialism. Before the 1930s, there was typically a large age difference between [...]
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Can Government Really Prevent War?

QUESTION: Martin, So much common sense from you. But, re the almost total corruption of government, could this be the ONLY practical solution? That is: 1. Elect [...]
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Market Talk- January 15, 2018

    Todays Asian session really looked like a game of two halves! Initially we saw core outperform for both the Shanghai and Hang Seng, but by afternoon [...]
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2018 – Panic Cycle Year

QUESTION: Mr. Armsyrong; Thank you for an eye-opening conference. Can’t wait for this year. You said 2018 was a Panic Cycle Year and that it would be unlikely [...]
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Greenhouses Gases Are a Product of Civilization for Thousands of Years

QUESTION: Do you believe we are going into an ice age? ANSWER: No. At best we return to a mini-ice age and stop there hopefully. There are those who argue that a [...]
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How Will Interest Rates Double in Europe from Here

QUESTION: Marty  Thanks for all your guidance and help in navigating these markets. You mention rates are going up soon in Europe but how can the ECB achieve this [...]
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The Blizzard of 1899

Snowball Fight on Steps of Capital of Florida A lot of people are claiming that the extreme cold is part of Global Warming and human-induced climate change. Well, [...]
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