Thursday, January 11, 2018



British Prosecutors Charging Hate Crimes for just saying “All right Geezer.”

The British government is also going completely nuts with criminal charges for nonsense. British prosecutors charged a woman for calling a man a [...]
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Underwater Volcanoes Contribute to Warming Deep Water

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I read you Maya Report and found it fascinating how volcanic eruptions in the ocean are polarized to where the North Pole is at [...]
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Dormant/Extinct Volcano Erupts for First Time in Recorded History

Another dormant volcano has suddenly awakened erupting in a rather spectacular fashion, spewing lava for the first time in known history, It sent an ash cloud 2.1 [...]
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Market Talk- January 10, 2018

A mixed trend within Asian trading as the Nikkei, ASX and SENSEX whilst gains were registered in the Hang Seng and Shanghai. That said, volumes were light but the [...]
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Why Governments are Like an Ameba

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You may be called the legend because of your forecasts on so many levels, but it might also be because you have met with more [...]
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Snow in the Sahara Desert – 3rd Time in 37 years

Last year, the snow appeared in Spain wiping out the crops and causing rationing of vegetables. This year the snow went down even further and crossed into Algeria [...]
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Extreme Volatility in Weather – Part of Climate Change?

QUESTION: It is crazy hot here in Sydney the exact opposite of the extreme cold in the north. Is there an explanation at all for this? ANSWER:  Most people do not [...]
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Market Talk- January 9, 2018

The Nikkei chased to record highs today following yesterdays national holiday. Closing at 26year high (+0.6% on the day) was an impressive performance made even [...]
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