Monday, August 7, 2017



Canada Looking to Tax Small Business 93%?

I have been warning that as governments move closer to this major event of a Sovereign Debt Crisis which begins next year with the start of the Monetary Crisis [...]
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Australia Hates Foreigners – Now Their Property Taxes Are Doubled if you are Not Australian

New South Wales in Australia has doubled property taxes for foreign real estate buyers. Of course this violates international law, but governments are broke and [...]
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VIX at record lows

    Having watched the VIX break the psychological 10 level once again today, it looks comfortable in single digits having digested Fridays NFP’s [...]
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US Share Market Broad Overvaluation Index – One of the Best Leading Indicators We Have Ever Created

QUESTION: Marty; back in the 1980s you would show your proprietary index on the overvaluation of the broad share market filtered in currency and capital flows. You [...]
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WEC November 3-4, 2017 – The Monetary Crisis Cycle

This year’s WEC (World Economic Conference) is time to address the beginning of the most important event perhaps in our lifetime that stands on the event [...]
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2017 – The Year Without an Arctic Summer?

They are calling this in the Year without an Arctic Summer.  The Greenland Ice Sheet is gaining near record amounts of ice this year. Very little melting has [...]
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Diesel Cars in Europe Received Tax Breaks to Compete Against Japan

COMMENT:  Just to give you the heads up on diesels (Source my brother in the Industry). During the 70’s when Japanese were dominating car imports in Europe. [...]
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