Friday, August 4, 2017



The Risk of North Korea

QUESTION: Dear Mister Armstrong, I have been pondering the thought of Mr. Tump actually welcoming a war with South Korea since Kim Jong Eng launched the first [...]
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Keeping 30 days Worth of Cash Applies Worldwide

QUESTION:  On Aug. 2 in your blog that you stonily recommend that everyone keep 30 days worth of cash was that just for the Eu? Thank You S ANSWER:  No. Even FDR [...]
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Market Talk- August 4th, 2017

Markets in Asia were looking like they have been on borrowed time a few days this week and so a small retracement ahead of todays US numbers is no real surprise. [...]
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The Canadian Dollar Review

COMMENT: #1: Marty, Thank you for your recent post on the private blog on July 12th. Socrates had identified the week of July 24th as a key week for a potential [...]
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Saint-Tropez – The Billionaire’s Harbor is Empty

When you impose drastic and excessively high taxes to get the “rich” and their yachts, they just sail away. Saint-Tropez, which was known as the [...]
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Facial Recognition in Street Cameras to Increase Tax Revenues

Many cities around the world are now introducing facial recognition into their cameras which monitor the streets. In other words, the government will know who and [...]
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Which Banks to Keep Cash Short-term

QUESTION: Hi Marty A quick question for you – given the moves afoot inside the EU are blocking bank accounts even of those with less than €100,000 , which [...]
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Market Talk- August 3rd, 2017

Asia loved the idea that the DOW had closed above the 22k level but many were questioning why is it only the DOW that is soaring? Other core indices (S+O, NASDAQ [...]
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The Fate of Britain Special Report

The Fate of Britain is an extensive report on BREXIT and the problems that are faced. The pro-EU faction has the upper-hand and they really could care less about [...]
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