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3D printing, AI and Robots v Dark Age

  QUESTION: Hello, Mr. Armstrong. Let us say that the future turns out OK-ish (post crash and burn), that we avoid another dark age. 3D printing, AI and robots [...]
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The Unconstitutionality of Progressive Income Taxes – It is Time to Force the Supreme Court to Rule to Stop a Revolution in the Wings

How is it possible that we can have legalized class warfare and politicians run on extorting the rich at gun point with threat of imprisonment if they do not pay [...]
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Is Gold Still Relevant?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, Gold rallies with each political event and then falls back when the event is over. It is not in a sustainable relentless bull market as was [...]
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Market Talk- August 31st, 2017

A solid day for the Nikkei today closing up +0.7% but have watched yen trade comfortably with a 110 handle all day. Talk in Japan is very much concentrated on [...]
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When Will People Learn Career Politicians Are Anti-Democracy

It is amazing that people keep voting for career politicians every time and then are dissatisfied every time. Now Reuters is reporting that most French voters are [...]
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USA & EU Differences in Monetary Policy

QUESTION: Sir,      In March 2013 Cyprus performed a forced loan through their banking system of about 50%. You have warned that if they do it there, they will [...]
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The Coming CONTAGION – CDS Sales Double from 2016

The issue of credit default swaps (CDS) in 2017 is running at twice that of last year reflecting rising concerns of another coming crash. The number of hedge funds [...]
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Market Talk- August 30th, 2017

Asia benefited from the afternoon bounce in the US markets, with all core performing across the board. The Hang Seng probably saw large cap’s perform on the back [...]
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Kim Jung-un Watches Markets During His Launches

Kim Jung-un watches his launch, but on the screen you will notice charts of markets. He is clearly trying to disrupt the financial markets with the launching [...]
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Goldtrader's older model computers are dying quickly.

He is buying a new computer tomorrow, but it will take about a week or more to be delivered.

He struggled to get this internet connection to be able to post this message, so his computer could quit at any time.

If you do not see any recent postings on the main page window, just peruse the websites in the right column of this blog for anything that interests you.

Also go to to keep up to date on world happenings.

Things are moving very rapidly presently and are heading into times of catastrophe for all of us.

Get prepared with all the supplies and tools you will need to survive for no less that ONE YEAR!

You are running out of time to prepare. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish!

Food, Shelter, Water (and purification tools), Weapons and Ammo, Medicines, Hand tools of all types, Power Sources (wood gasification, diesel engines and fuel (can run on old oil if filtered), Solar panels and inverters Batteries to store power.

Have a bug out bag with everything you need to survive A WEEK (not three days!) And HAVE IT WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES! (Or have several, at home, in your car, and at work.

Use Hurricane Harvey and all the other disasters as examples for what the MAJORITY of people will be doing that haven't prepared at all.



MY BEST to you all.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bush And Cheney: How They Ruined America And The World



Germany Increased Tax Collections 4.3% 1st Half 2017

The Germany has posted a stunning 4.3% rise in tax revenues during the first half of 2017. I have warned that while the ECB keeps buying government bonds to [...]
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The Fall Before the Rise

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I find it fascinating that your computer projected August as the turning point this year and the week of 09/04. I suppose that could be a [...]
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Gold & the Dow

QUESTION:  Dear Martin, I have been following your blog for years now. I am not a trader or financial person in any sense of the word but I take a keen interest in [...]
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Market Talk- August 29th, 2017

Back to geopolitical risks again today after North Korea spooked markets with yet more missile test, but this time flying over Japan. All Asia markets were hit as a [...]
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Private Blog – Gold Close for August & North Korea

Private Blog – Gold Update for August Close & North Korea Private blog posts are exclusively available to Socrates subscribers. To sign-up for Socrates [...]
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The Cycle of Civilization

COMMENT: Interestingly enough, in Switzerland the -in majority- leftish and Pro-EU government has been trying to push Switzerland into EU for years as you’re [...]
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New Proposed Regs You Must Declare if you have more than $10k in Crypto Currencies

According to the new draft law proposal, all persons who enter the US will have to declare their holdings in crypto currencies with a value over 10,000 [...]
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Trump is He His Own Worst Enemy?

QUESTION: You seem to have given up hope on Trump getting his agenda through Congress. Do you agree that the Trump presidency is a failure? BV ANSWER: There is no [...]
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Next Target for North Korea Sept 11th/12th

Our models seem to be right on target for the escalation of military threats from North Korea. We gave our two targets for the opening of  this window for a [...]
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Market Talk- August 28th, 2017

When a major market contributor is away the markets are always quiet but today with the UK off, there really was very little action anywhere. China continued its [...]
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Is the Stock Market Really Overvalued?

All we have been hearing since 2011 is how the stock market is going to crash and then there will be hyperinflation and all sorts of strange relationships that [...]
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North v South & Revising History

COMMENT: Robert E. Lee, before the outbreak of the war, was overwhelmingly regarded as the finest military mind in the U.S. army. Winfield Scott offered him [...]
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Understanding the Global Economy

  It is becoming painfully obvious that the amount of sheer theft of our forecasts right down to names of publications is escalating unbelievably. I personally [...]
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Tuesday, August 29, 2017




About Me

Hey there!

My name is Jessica Mills, but in the hiking world people call me “Dixie.” Although I was born in Florida, I ‘grew up’ in Opelika, AL. I spent the majority of my summers with my grandparents who were backyard gardeners that grew up on farms. At a young age, I developed a love for the outdoors. Watching TV is never a desire of mine, unless it is football season–War Eagle! I graduated from Auburn University in 2012 with a degree in Biosystems Engineering and a minor in Agronomy and Soils.

For a year and a half I was a resident of Colorado and it was an amazing experience! I resigned from my job there and began my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in March 2015. Although that journey ended in October 2015 when I summited Mt. Katahdin, it was only the beginning to a new chapter of my life. I am currently thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and have my sights set on the Continental Divide Trail next year in 2018.

I am an advocate of being outdoors as I feel we can learn a lot about ourselves and life in general while out in nature. Whether it’s taking an evening stroll, catching lightning bugs or gardening, I think everyone can benefit from smelling the roses now and then!
If you have any questions about hiking/backpacking, check out my informational videos on YouTube!

Happy Trails 

Jessica “Dixie” Mills

Goldtrader has been following Dixie's journey this summer on YouTube having hiked all over the Sierra Nevada in his youth.

Just watch this video on your big screen with headphones on if you have them. and turn the lights out and let it envelope you.


Confederate battle flag sales boom after Charlottesville clash


Can the President “Destroy” Criminal-Justice Reformers?

Jeff Sessions Is Bringing Back Civil Forfeiture with a Bang

 Here's how the police can take your assets even if you haven't been convicted of a crime.


This is one of many PLANNED operations where FEMA will be called in to start placing people into FEMA CAMPS.

Hopefully, these Texans will take out their guns and back up what their mouths have been saying now for so long.

We're going to see who is the stronger camp and whose values and principals will prevail.

What are YOU going to do when these operations come to your neighborhood?

What will you value the most? Food, water, shelter?

Or your freedom?

Start sharing this blog with your friends and others so that they too may become aware of what is happening.

Hurricane Harvey & the Weather Terrorists from Land, Sea and Air

Worldwide Manmade Flooding: How the Population is Kept Unaware

How Donald Trump and Elaine Chao Sold Off Flood-Control Policy to the Highest Bidders

 In mid-August, the administration moved to gut a necessary initiative to guarantee the flood resilience of infrastructure.

15 Clues: What Happens when STUPID becomes the ‘rule’?

MAJOR DAM BREACH: Floodwaters beginning to spill over Houston’s Addicks Dam (Video)

Monday, August 28, 2017

Gilad Atzmon Expains the Murder of the West by Identity Politics

Why Does The New York Times Hate White People?

Social Media is A Tool of the CIA

The New Holocaust

The Saker Says Things Are Worse Than We Think

The Lincoln Myth: Ideological Cornerstone of the America Empire

MAJOR FAIL: Houston Mayor Told Residents Not To Evacuate (Video)

Why Did Houston’s Mayor Tell Residents To Not Evacuate? (VIDEO)

The WeatherWar101 Interview

Hurricane Harvey & the Weather Terrorists from Land, Sea and Air

The WeatherWar101 Interview


Hurricane Harvey: Rockport Landfall & Houston Flood

An Open Letter to This Year’s College Freshman Class On the Subject of Fascism

Negative interest rates have come to America

Fatalities and the Annual Chance of being Murdered in a European Terrorist Attack

You stand a higher chance of being crushed by a vending machine

An Open Letter to This Year’s College Freshman Class On the Subject of Fascism

Sunday, August 27, 2017

US Gross National Debt to Spike by $800 Billion in October?

Berkley ANTIFA Admits To Crimes, No One Arrested Yet

Sixteen More Convincing Reasons to Question 9/11

KARL DENNINGER: Object Lesson #2: Houston

Hurricane Harvey prepper update: Sh#t just hit the fan in South Texas… non-preppers hurting badly as food, water, power and emergency services FAIL



Understanding the Global Economy

  It is becoming painfully obvious that the amount of sheer theft of our forecasts right down to names of publications is escalating unbelievably. I personally [...]
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Yellen Reveals She Also Does Not Understand What it all Crashed in 2007-2010

The head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, has warned politicians against turning back financial market regulation, yet she herself does not comprehend what the [...]
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GMOs Revealed

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Here's How Government Pension Funds Are Trying To Close Their $7 Trillion Funding Gap

US military cracking down on hooligans for hire in US

Continue reading the articles that follow under this article. They are very enlightening. and are now apparently open to non-paying members since the financial problems Fulford had with his website.



Trying to Force Trump to Resign

Quite honestly, the all out war on Trump from the very beginning has been constant. There is not a single thing he has done that is not turned into a scandal. His [...]
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Special Counsel Looking to Blackmail Manafort Against Trump to Force Him to Resign

The special counsel  Robert S. Mueller III, who is leading the Russia inquiry against Trump, executed a search warrant at the Northern Virginia home of President [...]
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Friday, August 25, 2017

Antifa (United States)


 The distinctive feature of self-described antifa groups is to oppose Fascism in direct action, including the willingness to use violence.[4] Activists in Antifa groups tend to be anti-government and anti-capitalist, and often anarchist.

Americans channel ancient Rome in condemning Confederate statues



Market Talk- August 25, 2017

Main talking point out of Asia this morning were the continued strong earnings reports and the subsequent buying conviction. In Hong Kong the Hang Seng gained over [...]
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Conspiracy Theory

Live For the Present Not the Future

Thursday, August 24, 2017

What We Learned From Charlottesville

How We Know The So-Called “Civil War” Was Not Over Slavery



Australian Senator Wear Burqa to Demonstrate a Point

Australian Senator Pauline Hanson entered the Senate in a burqa. While others immediately condemn her for anti-Muslim stunts, what about women’s rights? Did [...]
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Extreme Left & Extreme Right Believe in the Same Thing – Oppress all Opposition

  I have written before that if you go extreme right and extreme left, you reach the same political position with two different thought processes – more [...]
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The Overlooked Cost of Electric Cars by EU Gov’t

Government first imposed taxes on alcohol and cigarettes under the claim that they were trying to make people stop for their own good. But as always, as the [...]
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Market Talk- August 24, 2017

We have seen yet another weaker day with the Nikkei declining once more. It had the opportunity to perform but was dragged lower by Industrials, Metals and [...]
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  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, looking at the analysis of Socrates on gold we see that the Momentum is bullish, trend is bullish, cycle trend is bullish, but Long [...]
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I was detained for protesting against Donald Trump. Here’s what the US Secret Service asked me



Macron Moves to Restore French Colonial Power

France has proposed to setting up camps inside Libya in order to control the migration flows.  Macron has acted alone once again illustrating that the EU design [...]
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Beware the real Political Threat from Within

The future of military and eventually police is to replace the boots on the ground with robots. Duke Robotics has come out now with drones that carry machine-guns. [...]
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It is Always a Matter of Capital Flows

QUESTION: Do you use astrology as one of your inputs as to cycles? There are, as you most likely know, financial astrologers who have tracked the patterns of [...]
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Market Talk- August 23, 2017

  A quiet and mixed session for Asia as we watched the only real move and that was in the USD. Given all the uncertainty we are seeing a steadier run for the [...]
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The Rising Trend of Civil Unrest

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You said that this civil unrest will continue to escalate and that the left is attempting to just suspend government until 2020. It [...]
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The Violent Left Toppling Monument to Christopher Columbus as a Racist?

The extreme violent left is expanding their desire to overthrow essentially everything and are now attacking a monument in Baltimore to Christopher Columbus, which [...]
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The Constitution is Negative Not Positive So You Cannot Waive Any Rights

The greatest constitutional scam that the Judiciary and the Department of Justice have been doing for decades,  is they constantly rule against people claiming [...]
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The Dow To Be or Not to Be

The Dow has bounced slightly as to be expected, but we are now in a consolidation pattern for the balance of the month. Just pay attention to the Global Market [...]
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Market Talk- August 22, 2017

Asian markets loved the fact that the US managed to turn around yesterday and so we opened with an air of confidence for this mornings trade. After an initial [...]
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Social Security requires a bailout that’s 60x greater than the 2008 emergency bank bailout

EXPOSED: The Elite’s Plan to Freeze the Financial System

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Unlikely Allies Join Fight To Protect Free Speech On The Internet

PBS: The Farthest - Voyager in Space

 Look for this program now on PBS.

It will give you a new perspective on our place in the universe.

And watch the extra 20 minute program at the last 20 minutes of the two hour time slot for the the main program. 

It will teach you how life, as we know it, began here on earth and give you a perspective on the time frame of how life has progressed to what we are today.

Former CIA Agent Is Raising Cash To Buy Twitter And Delete Trump's Account

 Unveiling a novel, if oddly circuitous attempt to shut President Donald Trump on his favorite social network, former undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson has launched a crowdfunding campaign in hopes of raising enough money to buy Twitter so she can then ban Trump from using it.

United Nations Issues Rare "Early Warning" - Signals Potential Civil Conflict In America
In the past 10-years, the early warning citing "alarming racism" trends has been issued in Burundi, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kyrgyzstan, and Nigeria... and now America!

Finally we note that The United Nations dropped this little beauty in their progonstication...
CERD also called on the Government to ensure that the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly are not exercised with the aim of destroying or denying the rights and freedoms of others, and also asked it to provide the necessary guarantees so that such rights are not misused to promote racist hate speech and racist crimes.
In other words - speech should be free... as long as it does not hurt my feelings.

U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults - A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud

Chief Obamacare Architect Sacked After Fraudulent Billing Investigation

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Funny Vandalism

Trump's Unintended Consequences: The Republican Party Reveals Itself

Feds drop demand for 1.3 million IP addresses that visited anti-Trump site

Trump and American History Have Been Assassinated

 The designation of the northern invasion of the South as a civil war is itself a lie. The term “civil war” is used to cover up the fact that the North initiated a war of aggression, thus removing the sin of war from the North. A civil war is when two sides fight for control of the government. However, the South had no interest or intent to control the government in Washington. All the Southern states did is to use the constitutional right to end their voluntary association with other states in the United States. The South fought because the South was invaded. Southerners did not regard the War of Northern Aggression as a civil war. They clearly understood that the war was a war of Northern Aggression.



Will the Eclipse of 2017 Be the Omen of What Our Model is Forecasting?

The interesting question that will emerge is will this eclipse of 2017 over the United States be what everyone calls and omen in the months ahead? I find it [...]
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European Banks – The Next Crisis – The Unseen Cause in Plain View

The clouds have not lifted from the heart of the financial center within the European Union on the continent. The origin of the next crisis is unseen yet in plain [...]
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Terrorists Using Britain to Stage Terrorism into Europe

The terrorist Islamic State (IS) has, according to the Sunday Times, set up a network of companies in an office in Cradiff (Wales) in Britain which sent military [...]
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Market Talk- August 21st, 2017

The news of Steve Bannon’s departure on Friday came too late for Asia and so cash markets readjusted in this mornings session. We did see a little move back into [...]
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Erdogan Tells Turks in Germany to Vote Against Merkel

While the Democrats want to make a huge issue out of Russia hacking their files and releasing evidence that they were truly corrupt and how Clinton was just a liar [...]
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Angela Merkel is being Called a Traitor for the Refugee Crisis

The EU has abandoned Italy while simultaneously demanding that the refugees must be taken care of. Nearly 100,000 refugees have arrived in Italy since the start [...]
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The Last Total Eclipse was 2days After Signing the Declaration of Independence So Celebrate Today

Solar eclipses have been observed throughout history. As to be expected, they have often been seen as omens along with comets. We hear if the star of Bethlehem that [...]
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Socrates Preview Adding to Standard Access

We have added some short-term text to the opening of the Standard base edition of Socrates to help during this immediate market shift going into September. We will [...]
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