Sunday, July 9, 2017



Germany Pensions System Crisis

The German publication DWN has come out and warned that the German Pensions system is collapsing. They wrote: The core problem of the German economy and society is [...]
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Merkel’s Failed G20 Summit

Merkel chaired the G20 summit and she completely and utterly failed to lead G20 to a successful conclusion. Well of course, Merkel lost control of the streets of [...]
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German Secretary Economics Warns Low Interest Rates Have Failed

The German Secretary General of the Economic Council of the CDU, Wolfgang Steiger,  has highlighted the growing economic crisis in Europe. The negative interest [...]
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G20 Hamburg Protest was Closer to the Start of Civil War

  There is a rumor going around that the extreme violent protests in Hamburg, which resembled a Civil War, were funded allegedly  by Soros. It is just a [...]
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Putin Meets Trump in Hamburg

The American press of course want to paint Russia as evil and they would start world war three just to sell more newspapers. Not since the Spanish American War has [...]
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Austria Using Troops to Stop Refugee Migration

The vast wave of economic migrants claiming to be refugees that include many countries, not simply Syria, is tearing Europe apart. These people are given everything [...]
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Sweden Cancelled Concert in 2018 Because of Rapes and Sexual Assaults

Sweden’s Bråvalla music festival for 2018 has been cancelled because of sex attacks by refugees. The Bråvalla Festival began back in 2013 and became the [...]
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Market Talk- July 7th, 2017

Following on from the weak US session, Asia tended to drift in sympathy. Ahead of the US NFP’s it was always going to be light volume but with G20 also just [...]
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Our Office was Broken Into on July 3rd

Just for the record, our office was broken into over the holiday. Sorry, they did not get anything. By no means do we keep Socrates in a public location and [...]
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G20 Leftist Protesters Turning Violent

The left is engaging in violent protests at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. Both the police and G20 opponents were mutually responsible for the escalation of [...]
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