Thursday, July 6, 2017



Illinois – Poster Child for the Coming Sovereign Debt Crisis

Illinois House had voted 72-45 to pass a 32% income tax hike as government refuses to address the real issue of a never-ending need for more and more tax revenue to [...]
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North Korea – ECM & War

It was just one day after the first test of an intercontinental rocket by North Korea, that the US demonstrated military strength and threatened further sanctions [...]
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Market Talk- July 5th, 2017

Refreshingly, the markets tended to ignore geopolitical tensions escalating around North Korea after the recent missile test. All core markets returned positive [...]
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Arrogance of California Knows No Bounds Governor Brown Still Committing Treason against the Constitution

  The governor of California is just insane and out of control. Besides the boasting that California is its own country free to enter into treaties with Europe [...]
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China to Open Bond Market to Foreign Investors

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; it is becoming obvious that China follows your advice to the last letter. That makes sense when you were the western adviser they flew in [...]
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Just Give the Government Your Money & Shut-Up

COMMENT: Dear Marty   I’m doing business w companies in Holland. So I go there with a colleague to visit one of the factories outside Amsterdam.   [...]
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