Friday, July 14, 2017



Get Ready for the Phoenix – The Reality of a One World Currency

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Are you aware of the 1988 Economist article predicting that in 30 years from then we would all be using the same currency?  That is [...]
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They Want to Put Nano-Chips into Currency So they can track every note

Believe it or not, Australia has a Black Economy Taskforce that hunts down citizens in every possible way. They look at where they send their kids to school and [...]
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Are We Mushrooms being fed Mountains of Manure by Bureaucrats?

  Government bureaucrats connive ways to gain power as they treat the people like mushrooms — they keep  us in the dark and feed us mountains manure [...]
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Market Talk – July 14th, 2017

The second day of Chair Janet Yellen’s address and the Asian markets liked what it heard. Although, Chair Yellen did remark that attaining a 3% growth target [...]
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True AI and Fake Neural Net Forecasting Programs

QUESTION: Hello Marty, just came across an interesting project called Numerai with the ambitious goal of creating a hedge fund to manage ALL the money in world(!) [...]
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The Break-in Not a Threat

QUESTION: Good night, Mr. Armstrong: I hope you are well and enjoying your front-beach house in the Sunshine State. I read your blog every day, since 2011. I ask [...]
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The Dow & the Future

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I am fascinated by what you have accomplished in this model. You mentioned in your post about the Orlando conference a slingshot and phase [...]
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Happy Bastille Day to Our French Readers

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Market Talk- July 13th, 2017

Reflected in Wednesdays late US futures trading Asian indices responded with a strong opening theme. China’s Shanghai found additional support from the Trade data [...]
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