Tuesday, July 11, 2017



China & The Rule of Law

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I read your analysis of Country Risk. It was truly fascinating. You are correct. We do not consider investing in Syria or Iran no less [...]
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There is Now Enough Evidence to Indict Comey or Snowden Should be Pardoned

Comey is as guilty as Hillary for treating government work product including top secret information as personal. Comey, just like Hillary, claimed the memos were [...]
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The Destruction of Hamburg is Massive

The destruction of Hamburg has been massive. There is much going on behind the scenes politically with the focus now on intensely monitoring and censorship to be [...]
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Market Talk- July 11th, 2017

Another encouraging session for Asia as the confidence continues, at least until we see something to the contrary later in the week. Many are referencing the bond [...]
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The Survival of the People Always Depends Upon the Army

The Reuters Editor’s Choice picture demonstrates what I have been saying about revolution. When the army defends the corruption of politicians, there will be [...]
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We have not yet broken gold for all the people writing in. So far we have elected three Weekly Bearish Reversals from the July 2016 high in gold and three Monthly [...]
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Catalonia to Move to Referendum October 1st to Break From Spain

The Spanish region of Catalonia is preparing to hold a second referendum on separating from of Spain on October 1st, despite warnings from Madrid. Naturally, the EU [...]
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The Pension Crisis – & – The Crash & Burn

QUESTION:  Hi Marty – Question: You have blogged about the pension crisis and how Illinois and California on the brink of bankruptcy. Does this mean that [...]
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France Agrees to Pay All Costs for Turkey to Sign Paris Climate Accord

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he would not ratify the Paris Climate Accord unless Europe paid all costs to Turkey. France agreed to pay Turkey [...]
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Market Talk- July 10th, 2017

We start the week with mixed session from Asia as Chinese reserve data showed small increase and the general trend of acceptance for Chinese 5% growth. The Japanese [...]
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