Monday, July 3, 2017



Freedom of Speech Comes to an End in Germany

  The most anti-democratic law perhaps ever to pass any Western Government just pass in the German Bundestag last week. Even the opposition Social Democratic [...]
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Trump Unfit for Office?

Trump is clearly his own worst enemy. As long as he feels he must lash out at anyone in the media who bashes him, he only gives more attention to what they are [...]
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Merkel to Confront Trump at G20 On Climate

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel is determined to create problems at the upcoming G20 meeting in Hamburg July 7-8. She is a brainwashed climate supporter who has [...]
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Jeff Zucker & Jeff Bewkes Should Stand Trial for Conspiring Against the United States For Corporate Profits – Enough is enough!

Project Veritas, which CNN and others try bad mouthing, has caught CNN’s Supervising Producer admitting (1) they are on a witch-hunt against Trump, and (2) [...]
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The Euro & Optimistic Fool

COMMENT: Marty; I see what you mean that it does not matter what the fundamentals are, markets move based upon what people belief be it right of wrong. To what the [...]
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France’s President Says He is TOO SMART to Communicate with the Fools Who Voted For Him

The French President Emmanuel Macron will break with the long-standing tradition of the President making a speech on Bastille Day to celebrate winning independence. [...]
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Illinois on Brink of Default

While politicians always talk about the poor and the needy, they never talk about how their own pensions are breaking the bank and come before everything else. [...]
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Market Talk- June 30, 2017

Following a weak US session, Asia fell in sympathy with US prices then levelled as China’s core held in well, especially as PBOC set the YUAN rate at 6.7744 [...]
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Sweden on the Brink of a Legal Crisis

A Swedish report has been leaked that concludes the Refugee Crisis is destroying Europe. The report has revealed that the number of lawless areas (commonly referred [...]
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Are Bail-Ins Supported by Free Market Philosophy?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Reading between the lines, it seems that you support bank bailouts at taxpayer expense. Is this not counter to free market philosophy? KE [...]
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Tell as Lie Often Enough it Becomes the Truth – How Lies Now Defeat Gold & Dollar

A flood of comments from central banks this week has been signalling that the era of easy money is coming to an end. Of course, the nonsense spouted out by the Gold [...]
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