Friday, June 2, 2017


When I was in school, a trillion was only used for the distance light traveled in a year, as in 5.87 trillion miles. A number impossible of any meaningful comprehension.
To understand how large an amount a trillion dollars is, you have to describe it in numbers you can relate to. One million dollars, as in four houses at $250,000 each, is about as large a number as I can get my mind around. I can, also, understand a year of 250 working days with holidays and weekends not counted.
If you spent one million dollars a day, every working day, you would spend 250 million dollars in one year. If you continued to do that for 4 years, you would spend 1 billion dollars. If you wanted to spend 1 trillion dollars, you would have to spend 1 million dollars a day for the next 4,000 years!
If you were able to pay down the national debt by 1 million dollars a day, you would have to do that for the next 80,000 years!

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