Friday, January 27, 2017



Sweden Gang Rape

Refugee Gang Rape Swedish Girl & Broadcast on Facebook

While everyone is outrages that Trump will place a ban on certain Muslim countries requiring that people be cleared before entry and many are outraged in the United [...]
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2017 What Now

2017 Outlook Report providing an overview of the World Economy

The 2017 outlook report provides an overview of the world economy by connecting the dots. This report provides the overview for 2017 connecting the dots globally. [...]
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Trump & His Wall – Just a Sign of a Greater Problem

QUESTION: Do you support Trump’s wall? ANSWER: A wall will not end the crisis. You can use boats as well. What are the issues? First, the purpose of the wall [...]
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Inmate Gunned Down in Prison Halfway House After Obama Commuted his Sentence

DAMARLON CENAKA THOMAS (Inmate Number: 42325-039), age: 31, black male, was gunned down in a federal halfway house on January 23, 2017. Thomas was a man whose [...]
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A Sign of the Times

QUESTION: First Brexit then Trump, do you see the same coming in 2019 in Canada? France ? Germany? WB ANSWER: Yes. This is a private wave. Unfortunately, this is [...]
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Market Talk – January 26, 2017

With the DOW having broken the psychological 20k level in early US trading and all the hype and coverage surrounding that, there really was only ever one direction [...]
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Video on Demand – 2016 World Economic Conference

      Link to download Saturday’s slides at end of video. NO SLIDES USED [...]
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