Tuesday, January 24, 2017



World Weath 1-22-2017

Weather Changing

COMMENT: Hi Marty…youre a legend! its very evident there are deeper tones underlying our weather changes. If anyone traveled extensively over the last few [...]
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Secret Service to Investigate Madonna

If any of us said we wanted to blow up the White House, we would be in jail for at least several days if not charged criminally with conspiracy. Madonna, wearing [...]
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Trump Signed 1st Executive Order

Trump Keeping His Campaign Promises

About 75% of everything Obama did was by Executive Order bypassing Congress. That means that the next president can easily undo 75% of what Obama did by Executive [...]
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Market Talk – January 23, 2017

Asia was not really sure in which direction it should respond today. Having seen Trumps inauguration Friday and then all the press over the weekend, it should be no [...]
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