Saturday, January 21, 2017




Foreign Governments Have Always Tried to Interfere With US Elections

Meddling  with public opinion is by no means altering the voting machines or vote tallies. Fake news statements can be countered with truth, but only when our own [...]
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Market Talk – January 20, 2017

Although many market players were expecting Chinese GDP around 6.6% most had speculated 6.7% and so a 6.8% boosted confidence ahead of the weekend and ahead of next [...]
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Protests Trum Inauguration

The Left Turns Violent in Washington

The leftists turned violent and are breaking store windows. Is this all to protest “losing rights” because of Trump? You just cannot figure out their [...]
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Trump Sworn In

Trump Sworn In

Trump was sworn in to the dismay of CNN and others. Trump bashed Washington and said he was handing the country back to the people. He did not cheer the Republicans [...]
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