Sunday, June 25, 2017

"It's A Virtual Bloodbath" - Cryptocurrency Carnage Continues

 Early this morning (6/25/17), crypto currencies were all simultaneously hit by selling pressure and as the day has worn off, it has accelerated with one witty trader noting "it's a virtual bloodbath." 29 of the Top 30 crypto currencies (by market cap) are in the red and while there remains no immediate catalyst, chatter is focused on uncertainty surrounding SegWit (another potential fork in the codebase) and some looming large ICOs.

How Central Banks Intend To Fight CryptoCurrencies

Ass-Kisser of the Month | Real Time with Bill Maher

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The "Soft Coup" Under Way In Washington

The World Is Going Down With Trump

As David Stockman writes, Trump “is up against a Deep State/Dem/Neocon/mainstream media prosecution” and “has no chance of survival short of an aggressive offensive” against those working to destroy him. But there is no Trump offensive, “because the man is clueless about what he is doing in the White House and is being advised by a cacophonous coterie of amateurs and nincompoops. So he has no action plan except to impulsively reach for his Twitter account.”

Our president twitters while he and Earth itself are pushed toward destruction.

Friday, June 23, 2017

RIP DILLINGER: 2001-2017

Dillinger was one of two Maine Coons, brothers, that I acquired in 2001 at two months old. His brother is named Baby Face and is doing well.

Dillinger had a chunk of his intestine removed due to blockage in 2007 when he almost died. He had ten more good years until recently this year when he began to lose weight dramatically and was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. I nursed him for the last three months but he went down hill in the last two days and, rather than see him suffer, I had to euthanize him. He went peacefully.

I will miss him terribly as I have the other four cats I have had since I turned 50 in 1994 that met their demise in various ways in years past. Gun Smoke, Miss Kitty, Black Cat and Tuffy were all very special cats in their own ways that unfortunately met their early demise in several unpleasant ways...dogs, people, coyotes and disease.

Dillinger and his brother Baby Face are the two cats that have managed to live the longest as cats seem to meet their demise quite frequently after not too many years of life due to dogs, humans and various illnesses and injuries. It grieves me that their life spans, even when many years long, are far too short relative to ours so we have to suffer losing them before we are ready to lose them.

I have had many pets over my life: a dog, birds, and finally cats. Cats have been enormously comforting to me during many difficult times in my life and now I simply don't want to live without them. I still have Baby Face and may acquire an older cat if something happens to him. Until then, it will just be me and Baby Face who is now 16 years old and not showing his age much at all.

The biggest problem with having pets when you are an older person nearing the end of your life is not wanting to live your last days without your pets, but also not wanting to die and having to leave your pets in the care of other people who may not love them like you do, especially if the pets are  'one person' cats who would take some time to warm up to strangers.

Such is the dilemma of loving pets.

I have had stronger relationships with my cats than I have ever had with humans who seem to always let me down. My cats never did.

All my love to Dillinger and my other pets who have passed on to pet heaven.

I really do hope to see them again after I leave this life.

America Divided: "Summer Of Rage" Accelerates

 "Like it or not, America peaked many decades ago... to cover this great theft, the Deep State had divided the American people into a powder-keg expected to unleash in the 'summer of rage'"

Moody's: Modest Downside Could Spark $3 Trillion Surge In Pension Liabilities

 Some very simplistic math from Moody's helps to shed some light on just how inevitable a public pension crisis is in the United States.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Real Purpose Behind The Russian/Trump Conspiracy Propaganda

Automation’s Destruction of Jobs: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

The 2016 Election and the Demise of Journalistic Standards

Labor Cuts At Liberal Media Outlets, Hundreds Being Let Go

Stephen Lendman’s website

 Stephen Lendman’s blog was taken down. I do not know the details or reasons.

He has a new website where his recent articles are posted:

The US Criminal “Justice System” is Devoid of Justice

 In America only the innocent go to prison.



Market Talk – June 22nd, 2017

The oil price to continues to unsettle markets and had a particularly heavy influence on European markets yesterday. US held in well but Asia looks to be turning [...]
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“Meddling” in the 2000 Russian Election

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I watched your movie the Forecaster with great interest. I then watched the Showtime interview of Putin by Oliver Stone. It suddenly [...]
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When Illegal Aliens & Dead People Vote – Elections Change

The research group Just Facts has released a study at postelection polling from the 2008 elections that put Obama in the White House.  The data has led to the [...]
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State Department Investigating Hillary to Revoke Security Clearance

QUESTION: Marty; Does Hillary still have here security clearance despite what she did? Is that true? ANSWER: Believe it or not, the answer is YES. However, [...]
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Market Talk- June 21st, 2017

The continued decline in commodity prices and specifically energy (Libya and Nigeria back on track) weighted both on the A$ (-0.4%) and the ASX (-1.6%). Banks, [...]
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Welcome to Deflation

People are just starting to grasp why deflation is also present in the USA. Despite all the screaming about Quantitative Easing, most remain confused why [...]
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In a NY Play they Stab Trump 100 Times for Entertainment

Many people have written in about my observation that the left is always violent and where revolution typically emerges. The hatred of the leftist community for [...]
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Top Executives of Barclays Charged

The British Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has brought charges against Barclays and four former executives surrounding the Qatari investment during the 2008 financial [...]
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Market Talk- June 20th, 2017

With so much on the horizon we saw a mixed session out of Asia today. The one key topic all markets makers were looking at was whether China A-Shares would make the [...]
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The Most Hated Bull Market in History

This has been the MOST HATED BULL MARKET in history. What is fascinating is how long this current bull market has been in play yet all we hear is how it is going to [...]
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The Truth About the Philando Castile Verdict

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Anonymous : Why The Dollar Will Collapse Very Soon

Philando Castile Verdict a Painful Result of Laws Rigged to Protect Cops

 Our laws bend over backward to protect police, no matter how foul and outrageous the circumstance.

PCR on Putin’s Ignored Warnings to the West

William Norman Grigg (February 4, 1963 – April 12, 2017

Articles by William Norman Grigg

Execution by Firing Squad: The Militarized Police State Opens Fire

Government violence is the missing link in the gun control debate. - See more at:
Government violence is the missing link in the gun control debate. - See more at:
Government violence is the missing link in the gun control debate. - See more at:
Government violence is the missing link in the gun control debate. - See more at:
Government violence is the missing link in the gun control debate. - See more at:

Democracy Is A Front For Central Bank Rule

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Breaking News Alert

June 21, 2017

The New York Times »

Breaking News Alert

June 21, 2017

King Salman of Saudi Arabia has ousted the crown prince and replaced him with his son, Mohammed bin Salman, 31, advancing his meteoric rise

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 1:21 AM EDT

King Salman of Saudi Arabia has removed the kingdom’s crown prince and named his 31-year-old son, Mohammed bin Salman, next in line to the Saudi throne.
The move marks a stark upheaval in the leadership of the wealthy kingdom, a key ally of the United States and the Arab world’s largest economy.
Prince Mohammed emerged from relative obscurity when his father ascended the throne in 2015, and he has since accumulated vast powers, serving as defense minister, overseeing the state oil company and launching a vast effort to reform the Saudi economy.
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Another Step Toward Devastating War

Good Luck Getting Out Of That Subprime Auto Loan When Used Car Prices Crash

"Essentially, the dealers are not selling cars. They are selling bad loans.  Repossession, rather than being the end, is just the beginning..."

Monday, June 19, 2017

There Have Been 296 Earthquakes Near The Yellowstone Supervolcano Within The Last 7 Days

 Is it possible that the Yellowstone super volcano is gearing up for a major eruption?



Putin Offers Comey Assylum

Putin made a joke that was on point. He said that since the former FBI Director James Comey, secretly made notes of his conversation with US President Donald Trump [...]
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McCain v Putin – Match of the Century for 3 seconds Perhaps

McCain’s hatred of Putin is beyond description. He would love nothing more than to start World War III with someone. Since war today would result in the [...]
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McCain Defends Hillary & Wants to Start an Energy Trade War

John McCain wants new sanctions against Russia and it is this politicians who are the greatest threat to the world economy. Imposing such sanctions will only [...]
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Market Talk- June 19th, 2017

A positive start to the week for Asia with all core bourses returning strong one day gains. Hang Seng produced the best close (+1.2%) reflecting much of the closing [...]
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EU Proves It Has Become an Authoritarian Government

The European Commission President JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker, has come out and boldly stated that Poland and Hungary and their refusal to take in a single refugee person [...]
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Public Education Has Always Been a Weapon Employed by the State

COMMENT: I found your comment on public education fascinating. Has it been a tool for centuries to alter the minds of children? ANSWER: Yes. There have been plenty [...]
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Suicide Over European Banking Crisis

The European “bail-in” rules have been cheered claiming taxpayer money will be spared. However, many seniors bought bank bonds for their retirement. In [...]
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Grenfell Tower Fires Exposes Government Corruption

At least 58 people are feared to have died in the fire that engulfed Grenfell Tower this past week. Prime Minister Theresa May admitted that the government [...]
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Grenfell Protests – May Must Go

  The protests are rising and Theresa May failed to go talk to the people right away while Jeremy Corbyn was there on TV crying with the people. He had [...]
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The Impeachment of Trump – $35

We have so many readers who are not market traders asking about the political future we have decided to provide a very special report that goes through the legal [...]
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The Fate of Britain – Pound to Parity?

We have prepared a very important special report on Britain in the wake of the British election. This special report covers the forecast for the British pound [...]
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 6/18/17

Saturday, June 17, 2017



French Parliament Elections Tomorrow June 18th

Macron was hoping to have a super majority that his new party would sweep the election to give him ultimate power. However, the latest poll taken by BFMTV showed a [...]
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Even Switzerland has Gone Stalinistic

  The Swiss voted to allow a new oversight of the Federal Intelligence Service to spy domestically for security, of course. There were promises that this [...]
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Hillary Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency

Friday, June 16, 2017

The ‘Global Order’ Myth

“Global Order” Is An Euphemism for Washington’s Hegemony

Why Mainstream Media Represents the View of Billionaires … Instead of Average Americans

You won’t believe this stupid new law against Cash and Bitcoin



The Fate of Britain – Is This Why Cable Goes to Parity?

We have prepared a very important special report on Britain in the wake of the British election. This special report covers the forecast for the British pound [...]
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Market Talk – June 16th, 2017

As many expected the BOJ kept rates unchanged as they continue to encourage a move away from bonds and into equities. Still the policy approach continues as slow [...]
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TRAILER: A Good American

The Best Documentary I’ve Ever Seen Is Now Online

The best documentary I’ve ever seen – A Good American – is now online.
It’s about Bill Binney …
 the highest-level NSA whistleblower of all time.
And it’s about the mass surveillance of the American people … told by the people who know.
You can watch it on YoutubeiTunes or Google.

Thursday, June 15, 2017



Minority Report Becomes Reality in Japan – Prosecution Before You Commit a Crime

The plot of the movie Minority Report was a SciFi flick that in the future they used physics to monitor the world and report if someone was going to commit a crime. [...]

France Police Hunting Tourists To Shake Them Down

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I had the wonderful experience of flying to France to see my son going to school there. Upon my arrival, I was immediately commandeered by [...]

The Rising Movement Against Soros

In Hungary, NGOs (non-governmental organizations) will have to be registered in court and their foreign donors will be disclosed. The Hungarian Parliament adopted [...]

Market Talk- June 15, 2017

China’s Industrial Data release marginally above expectation but Investments let them down and tended to quell afternoon anticipation and we closed only small [...]

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Military/Security Plot Against Trump Is Real



Merkel Wants G20 Global Taxation of Internet

Markel is calling upon the G20 to regulate the internet. While she if pretending to be concerned about cyberattacks, which no regulator can prevent, you have to [...]

EU Wants to Order All Euro Trading Moved from London to Paris

The European Union is preparing the legal basis to take over London’s extensive trading business with euro derivatives. This is just another complete failure [...]

Left-Wing Zealot Shoots Republicans Playing Baseball

James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois, is the alleged shooter who tried to kill the Republicans at a charity baseball game. This is the problem with such hate [...]

Market Talk- June 14th, 2017

Despite better than expected data from domestic China (Retail Sales 11% and Industrial Production +6.5%) it was not sufficient to support a positive close. Shanghai [...]

Governor Jerry Brown of California Advocates the Overthrow of USA

Governor Jerry Brown of California is committing treason Against the United States. He is leading a confederacy against the Federal Government and should stand [...]

Apple Added to Terrorist Financier List?

Apple’s Company in Doha, Qatar, has been added to a list of 59 people/institutions that are considered to be funding terrorism (directly/indirectly) by Saudi [...]

Comey Confirmed No Obstruction of Justice

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I read your Impeachment Report and it was a real eye opener. I was impressed with your legal expertise. For that reason, the entire Comey [...]

Market Talk- June 13, 2017

Tech shares continued to suffer in Asia but failed to influence the wider markets, but by the close even they had turned positive. Having been closed yesterday, [...]

Annual Growth Rates Have Dropped from 13% to 2% Since 1947 but Bill Gates Blames Robots?

Then we have workers being replaced by robots along with driverless cars. Here too, thanks to the elitists like Bill Gates, who suddenly wants to be an economist, [...]

It is NOT Impossible to Impeach Trump

QUESTION: Marty; Fox News said it is impossible to impeach Trump. Is that true or what? Thanks ANSWER: This is a very complex issue. This is why I wrote this all [...]

Environmentalists Want to Starve Humans to Save the Planet

Believe it or not, the new theory in government to protect the environment is to force companies to layoff workers. They want to put a toll on workers driving to [...]

Market Talk- June 12th, 2017

We will probably only see one out of four move this week and that one will, of course, be the Federal Reserve. Yes, we have four central banks meeting this week [...]