Saturday, November 5, 2016




Polio-Like AFM Disease Infecting Children

A new disease is starting to appear that is polio-like in nature and can paralyze children. This appears to be AFM, or acute flaccid myelitis, which is normally [...]
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Voting Fraud in Texas

Numerous stories are coming in from Texas stating that early voting machines are changing Republican votes to Clinton. This is not a single conspiracy — early [...]
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Hillary Preaching

Is Hillary Comprised with ISIS?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; the press is out in full force supporting Hillary and trashing Comey and the FBI. You said before anyone, that your sources said there was [...]
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Market-Talk -R

Market Talk – November 4, 2016

As Japan was on holidays Thursday it was today that the Nikkei cash market caught up with yesterdays futures decline. With the market still nervous surrounding the [...]
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Market-Talk -R

Market Talk – November 3rd, 2016

Strong economic data in China (PMI released at 52.4) supported an encouraging rally for the Shanghai after recent regional losses. The index ,managed a 0.85% rally [...]
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The Markets Heading into Election

As we move into the elections and the polls narrow with Trump gaining, the power that be will try to push the US share market down to create the image that a Trump [...]
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Turkey Seizes Pro Turkish Members of Parliament & Cuts Social Media

We are getting reports that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has shut down WhatsApp which was used to coordinate the coup. This time the rumor is that HDP-Pro [...]
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WEC 2016 Will Include the actual Central Bank Slide Presentation from 2013

At the 2016 WEC, we are providing the actual slide presentation made at one of the G5 central banks back in 2013 to sell the idea moving to negative interest rates [...]
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Ryan Paul

First Casualty of the Election – Ryan Looks to be Booted out Regardless who Wins

Sources on Capitol Hill are saying that Paul Ryan will step down after the election, otherwise known as Eddie Munster from the Adams Family on the Hill. His [...]
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Clinton Foundation Being Investigated now by IRS, FBI & Intelligence

Wikileaks has also revealed that the Clinton Foundation, which is the closest thing to a Racketeering Organized Crime Family, is being investigated by the IRS. [...]
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