Wednesday, November 2, 2016




Stock Market Crash & Gold Rally?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; So many people keep calling for a stock market crash. At the same time, it has hung on to the 18000 level in the Dow for dear life. Do you [...]
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Deliberate Leaks are being Strategically Made to Stop Clinton Inc

All our indications from behind the curtain are suggesting that there are many within the “intelligence” sector and “law enforcement” sector [...]
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Nigel Farage Giving Them Hell in Brussels

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Warren & Fink – Hillary’s Choices?

The rumor running around Washington is that Hillary will betray Wall Street and hand over the reigns of power to Elizabeth Warren, who has been supporting Hillary. [...]
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Hillary Button 2008

FBI Release FOIA On Clinton’s Pardon of Marc Rich for Money

The FBI has released the first batch of Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) on Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich, another pardon for money deal. I have [...]
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Did Wikileaks Just Release the Real Final Nail in Hillary’s Coffin?

In today’s Wikileaks release of Podesta emails are legally the final nail in Hillary’s coffin and this is clearly something ANYBODY else would be [...]
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Market-Talk -R

Market Talk – November 1, 2016

Asian markets went from strength to strength today after a disappointing opening. The Nikkei initially saw selling pushing the index down over 100 points but turned [...]
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