Tuesday, November 29, 2016

JIM SINCLAR: Be Prepared


My Dear Friends
This article is extremely positive for the price gold and silver but you must take your time, reading it carefully therefore understanding it. GG, I and BH do and this must be studied so you will also see the new world we have fallen into. Dante would be proud 

Since there is no precedent for economic conditions globally today few if any outside of GG and we understand how to converging circumstances are bullish for gold and very bullish for silver. Globalism may have bitten the dust but the impact of this experiment is going to be with us for a generation. The reset is coming but not by central bank decision. It is coming because we have exterminated all markets with techies running the show. 

You must grasp the awful pickle that pensions and insurance companies are in to add to all the others back story dollar negatives there are from outrageous OTC counter party commitments to the size of all debt. Brevet is done This could be three strikes and the EU is out for all practical purposes.

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