Thursday, November 17, 2016

Charity forced to destroy annual food donation for 3,000 homeless people

Matt Agorist of Natural Blaze writes, “Health officials say it was destroyed because it wasn’t from a permitted establishment, and they couldn’t track where the food had been, therefore they couldn’t ensure its safety, reports ABC 7 … 

Kookers Kares president said if health inspectors had any questions they should have just asked … Instead, hundreds already went hungry and it appears as many as 3,000 people won’t get meals as a result, according to the report.”

Once again, government officials have proven that they don’t actually care about the well being of the people that are living in our country. When people come along who actually want to help their fellow man — without the use of government-sponsored forms of welfare — they are prevented from going through with it for fear of being punished and thrown in jail.

When you are no longer allowed to give hungry people food, you have to question whether or not you are actually free. So are we free people? Not as long as the government finds the way to interject themselves into acts of charity.

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