Thursday, October 20, 2016




Will World War III be Nuclear?

QUESTION: Marty, do you think nuclear weapons will be used this time? PDH ANSWER:  History is a road map to the future because human nature remains the same. [...]
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Hillary: Queen of Rage & State Department Cover-ups

The State Department is deeply involved in criminal activity. They are trying to steer the FBI into a deal to cover-up Hillary’s emails by changing [...]
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The Media is Ensuring the Destruction of Western Society

COMMENT:  In the recent presidential debate, Clinton boasted of her 30 years of PUBLIC service. Trump spoke of the Clintons having a personal fortune of [...]
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Market-Talk -R

Market Talk – October 19, 2016

The Nikkei opened on a wobble but after the first couple of hours progressed steadily to close up +0.3% on the day. As JPY found the renewed bid, and even in late [...]
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The Winds of War are Blowing

Capital flows are intensifying. This is why oil is up, gold is up, euro down, US share markets up. Things are shifting quietly. Norway reports that Russian ships [...]
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Capital Flows

QUESTION: Marty, can you say what the actual capital flow number was per month? ANSWER: The net foreign private inflows were $113.0 billion, and net foreign [...]
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WEC Tablet

Inquiry Program Allows You Ask Questions

This will be one of the preloaded programs on the tablets that attendees will receive at the 2016 World Economic Conference in Orlando. This video shows you how to [...]
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Trump’s Proposals for Ethics Reform

Trump’s “Ethics Reform” is one of the major reasons the elite Republican support Hillary. Besides banning members and staff from becoming [...]
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Sex Tapes on Bill Clinton Now & Hillary’s Sex Romps? What Next?

  This is turning out to be the most insane presidential election probably in world history. Now ANONYMOUS says there is a sex tape of Bill Clinton raping a [...]
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The Cycle of Civil Unrest & Martial Law

All agencies are quietly being armed just in case there may be civil unrest which arises by rigging the election to defeat Donald Trump. Even Ben Carson has come [...]
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Here is the Wikileaks Index to Files

index-of-_file_ Here is the index just in case it vanishes into thin air [...]
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Empire Strikes Back – US Shuts Down RT in London & Wikileaks

UK Nat West Bank has seized all bank accounts of Russia Today (RT) to end their broadcasting, according to its editor-in-chief- Margarita Simonyan who took to [...]
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CNN Shows it’s Bias Warning People it’s Somehow Illegal to Possess the Hillary Emails

Chris Cuomo at CNN is showing how to use word in a very misleading way. His father and brother were both NY governors, so he was born and raised in a DEMOCRATIC [...]
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